Great Long Breaks For 2017

Almost everyone goes on that big annual vacation but sometimes a week or two just once a year isn’t quite enough, for that reason more and more people are opting to take a couple of long breaks each year to keep their batteries recharged. As this is the beginning of a new year and you will no doubt be looking at making some travel plans for the year ahead, we thought we’d put together a little list of the best locations around the World where you can take a couple of long-breaks in order to keep those vacation blues at bay.



Dubai is becoming a super cool place for those looking for long-breaks of 3 or 4 days. Flight prices have come down a lot from around the World to Dubai and the city is absolutely packed with things to do to fill your time. Shopping in grand malls, indoor skiing, visiting the tallest building in the World, taking brunch at the Palm Hotel go buggying on the sand dunes, whatever tickles your fancy, Dubai has it.

New York

New York is a great place for a long break, iconic sites, popular attractions and plenty to squeeze into a few short days. If you want a bit of retail therapy then you should absolutely look to go on a shopping trip to New York where you will find World-famous boutique shops, a wide range of department stores and streets filled with fashion and style. New York is a beautiful city all-year round and whether you visit in the snowy winter to see the Christmas installations or during the beautiful summer, New York will not disappoint.


There are two sides to Amsterdam which will delight tourists who are looking for a fun break, there is the beautiful city to explore, a World of bicycles, trams, stunning art museums, great squares and beautiful scenery if you are looking for a relaxing break away. for those looking for something with a little bit more energy then Amsterdam has more than enough to offer from huge clubs, hundreds of street bars, the red light district which offers all kinds of vices and the locals of course also love to party.


Just a short flight away from Europe is the beautiful city of Marrakech, this city makes the perfect long break as in all honesty, any more than 3 or 4 days there is probably too many. Marrakech is an ancient town which still maintains its old world feel. The city is adorned with souks or markets where you can explore local crafts and foods and all manner of offerings from the locals. In the center of Marrakech is the main square where you can find snake-charmers, dancing monkeys and local Moroccan music being played. The city has a really compact feel to it as a result of the law which means that nothing can be built higher than the mosque and as far as accommodation goes you can find some incredibly beautiful old building which have been turned into modern-style arabic guest rooms.


If you’re looking to get away from the city and are searching for a place to engage with nature in a peaceful way, Thailand is the place to be. Not only is it known worldwide for its pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes, but also for its low prices. Your money can go a long way in Thailand, which makes it an affordable destination to visit for an extended time. Or, if you’re looking for a soul-searching and mind-expanding experience, you could immerse yourself in a yoga or even kung fu holiday – maybe for a few days, maybe for a few years! Either way, this kind of alternative holiday is an excellent way of resetting your mind and regaining your strength before continuing with your busy lifestyle.