4 Reasons You May Be Having Migraines

Most people get mild headaches from time to time and still manage to go about their day.  A small pain in your head isn’t pleasant, but it’s far from debilitating.  Whereas a migraine, which is far more painful can impair vision, induce nausea, and even lead to fainting.

If you find yourself having migraines which are so painful that they are affecting your general well-being and productivity throughout the day, then it’s time to start coming up with a solution.

The first step to eliminating your migraines is to find the cause.  Once you know what’s causing them, then you can move on to the right strategy of how to end them. Here are some of the most common reasons why people suffer from migraines, and what you can do to avoid them.

A Prior Injury

If you’ve ever suffered an injury which has caused head trauma such as a brain injury, then you may suffer migraines as a result.

Sometimes people eliminate this as a possibility since it can take years to start happening depending on your injury.  It’s important to see your doctor so that they can take scans of your head to determine if this is the cause.  Following this, they can recommend a long-term solution.

Vision Issues

A lot of people don’t realize that they have a vision problem.  They are so accustomed to squinting their eyes and seeing poorly, that they accept this as the way their eyes are.  However, if left undiagnosed, many vision impairments won’t just cause intense migraines, but they may damage your eyes over time.

Go to the optometrist and have a test done to see if you could benefit from getting glasses or contacts, especially if you work behind a desk at a computer for long periods of the day.  Long-term exposure to screens can overstrain the eyes.


Most people think of stress as only an emotion. However, it can take the form of physical symptoms as well.  If you’ve been under a lot of pressure in your personal or professional life, you may start to notice that you get headaches often or even rashes.

Make an assessment of your lifestyle and ask yourself if you may be suffering migraines because of extreme stress.

An Underlying Medical Condition

In some cases, migraines are a sign of something more serious such as a tumor or an impending aneurysm.  These are extremely dangerous conditions and should be taken seriously.

Seeing a doctor immediately is imperative if you suspect you may have an underlying condition which is causing your discomfort.

It’s worth the peace of mind eliminating this as a suspicion rather than remaining in the dark about what’s causing your headaches.