Adrian Rubin Facebook Looks at How to Identify a Real FBI Badge

The FBI badge is recognized all over the world. There have to be at least 70,000 movies and scenes in which it is flashed and shown. FBI officers have a great deal of power, and this has made the badge a hot commodity as well. Unfortunately, there have now been a number of victims who have believed they have been part of an FBI probe, but who have actually been the victim of scamming and fraud, often to get hold of their payday details. According to Adrian Rubin Facebook, it is important, therefore, to become aware of what to look for in an actual FBI badge. That way, if someone says you are part of a RICO investigation or another type of probe, you can check whether this is truthful or not.

Adrian Rubin Facebook on the Actual FBI Badge

The FBI badge is made of a gold color in full. At the top, it reads “Federal Bureau of Investigation”. Then, in the middle, there is a bald eagle. To the side of the eagle, there are the letters U and S. This is the most prominently visible part of the badge. The bottom, meanwhile, shows Department of Justice. It is an impressive, authoritative badge that almost instantly makes people listen and pay attention. Indeed, even people in countries outside of the USA recognize it.

Adrian Rubin Facebook on Replica Badges

The badge is surprisingly standard in design. Because of this, it has been quite easy to replicate as well. In many cases, this is done completely legally. For instance, if someone plays the role of an FBI officer in a movie or TV show, they need to have a badge. Children’s toy sets will also have replica badges, although those don’t generally look as good.

The problem is that there have now been quite a number of replica badges used to scam people out of information. This is why, if you do come across an FBI agent, you need to make sure that you confirm their identity. This is your right and you should not discuss anything before you have this confirmed. Only when you are 100% sure that you are talking to a real agent should you communicate them at all. Unfortunately, people are exploiting this badge, and you must be aware of this.

How to Get a Badge

If you want a replica badge for yourself, there are lots of options out there. Obviously, one option is to actually join the FBI. That is also the only way for you to earn a legitimate badge. If you hope to get your hands on a replica, there are many online stores that you can choose from. However, you do have to realize that those badges are legally prevented from being too close to the real thing. Naturally, you are not allowed to use them to actually impersonate an FBI agent. Hence, replicas are usually quite obvious to protect both the Bureau and you.