Reasons Why More Enterprises are Turning to Office 365

There are many Reasons Why More Enterprises are Turning to Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription plan from Microsoft that uses cloud computing capabilities to provide an Office application software, emailing for business, and enhanced communications through Skype and video conferencing. The main difference between Office 365 and other Office software products is that it is an internet-based platform and has revamped services that enable businesses to communicate with their customers, contractors, and members of their team.

It is therefore not surprising that a large number of enterprises are opting for this platform for their business needs. Let’s examine some of the advantages of Office 365 for businesses.

Reduced Expenses

There are a number of costs that Office 365 cuts for business enterprises. For instance, by providing cloud computing, your business will reduce the amount of investment in storage. 

If you’re running a business with a huge customer base, you are likely to invest thousands of dollars in developing a dedicated database system and server. The cost of hiring experts to maintain your database is also eliminated. Additionally, you may also not need to develop customized software to suit your business needs since Office 365 comes with flexible On-Premises solutions that you can easily integrate with your business tools.

These factors mean that you’ll save thousands of dollars in expenses. This is the essence of doing business; keeping your operational costs low while increasing your profits. That’s why Office 365 has become an office staple for most businesspersons.

Provides the Power of Social Networking

The advantages that social networking has on your business cannot be ignored; it’s simply too transformative. Most contemporary businesses are using tools such as Twitter and Facebook to familiarize their customers with their brands and generally engage with them.

Office 365 uses an Enterprise Social Network that was acquired in 2012 for a whopping $1.2 billion. This ESN, christened Yammer, has created a virtual enterprise community that comes with a number of advantages for subscribers.

B2B interaction, talent search and lead generations are among the advantages that Yammer gives to Office 365 subscribers. In this era of globalization, cooperation is more important than ever, and Yammer is a great cooperation tool that will facilitate your workflow when working with overseas partners, contractors and clients.

Enhanced Tools

If you are using customized software for your business enterprise needs, there is a likelihood that you’ll need to keep updating your software as you grow. As you increase the number of customers and employees in your business, your customized software tools become outdated, and you need to dig into your pockets for an update.

Office 365 analytics tools are very dynamic and evolve every day to meet the changing needs of clients. This ensures that these tools will always meet your requirements and you can concentrate on your business growth.

The purpose of engaging in business is always to increase your profit margin. This is done by keeping your operational costs to a bare minimum while increasing your revenue. Using Office 365 Microsoft’s product ensures that you cut your costs considerably while being able to continue growing.