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Keeping Construction Work Safe


On a day to day basis, we come across countless construction sites. Every day, workers, contractors, and builders are trying to build ever higher and ever bigger buildings. In order to build upwards, it is very important that construction workers have to be able to get to those heights safely so that there are no accidents. To do this, scaffold products are an absolute requirement. These products have to be of the highest quality, so that workers and their tools are supported and safe even at great heights. In fact, these tools are life saving for operatives responsible for creating…

7 Ways to Keep your Valuables Safe


Modern society definitely has its drawbacks, and with rising crime figures worldwide, home security has never been so necessary. The modern housebreaker is not at all like the stereotype we see in the cartoons or in the movies, in fact, you could walk past one and never know it. Once inside a house, they know instinctively where to look, and what to look for, and are often in and out in a few minutes, and if you feel your home security is not what it should be, here is some good advice on how to keep things safe. Consult a…

Can You Claim Compensation for an Accident at Work?


The UK is one of the most regulated countries in the world in terms of legislation pertaining to health and safety, especially in the workplace. But even so, statistics show that more than a million people last year reported cases involving breaches of health and safety regulations which resulted in personal injury. So, can you claim compensation for an accident at work if it happens to you? Accidents can occur for a variety of reasons; people can trip over things, drop things from a height, suffer burns from hot liquids or chemical or electrical burns, be injured while using equipment…