Air Conditioning Installation: Tips for The Buyer

The installation of a new air conditioning unit can dramatically change the overall comfort of your home. With a mere flip of a switch, you can begin to experience a change in the temperature – no matter what the temperature is outside. This gives you the privilege of a consistent and comfortable temperature to relax in whist inside. Air conditioning installation can also add value to your property, as well as save you money and energy in the long run, especially if it is a high-quality air conditioning unit. However, before approaching any air conditioning installers, we recommend you consider the below.


Quality & Reputation

There is a huge variety of air conditioning units on the market today, which vary considerably in price. Regardless of the brand name, you should always focus on buying an air conditioner with quality inverter technology, as this will provide you with significant energy savings in the long term. Like most things, the more expensive the air conditioner unit is, the more features it will most likely have. With that being said, the two most important features you should look for are noise levels and efficiency.

Before making you purchase, be sure to do your research. There are plenty of magazines out there that regularly compare brands, which is very useful in reinforcing any notions you may have had of a particular brand.

Your Budget

Knowing your budget is crucial as there will be considerable differences between different air conditioning installation companies. Generally, you will get what you pay for. If a company offers you the same product at a significantly lower price, then there will probably be a compromise somewhere else along the line, which may lead to an inefficient air conditioning system. Try to remember that the bitterness of poor quality usually remains long after the initial sweetness of low price is forgotten.

The Design 

You can have the best air conditioner on the market, but with poorly designed approach, it won’t mean much. Each and every house is different, so every air conditioning system should be tailored to the specifics of the home. Ducting must also be correctly sized to deliver the right amount of air throughout the home. A well-designed air conditioning system will give you much more efficiency and will minimise running costs. Multiple zoning is also very important. Ideally, all rooms within the house should be individually zoned to give greater flexibility and efficiency. Cheaper air conditioning installation proposals will more than likely have fewer zones than higher costing proposals. While the cheaper installation proposal may seem enticing at first and more inline with your budget, it is worth asking the question; what can multiple zones save me in the long run? Be wary about signing up with an air conditioning installation company if you have not seen a plan or design of what they are proposing to do. This installation plan should also show the proposed location of the accompanying outdoor unit as well as the controller location.

The Size

Air conditioning and lifestyle closely related. If you have a full household, then the air conditioning requirements can be totally different to a family whose children have since left home. However, as a general guideline, most air conditioner units are sized to condition all the living areas of the home at one time.  A proper design would enable you to switch off certain living areas of the home, when not being used, and turn on others when they are.

Power requirements are crucial, too, as sometime in the future you may require an upgrade if there isn’t enough power at your meter box. This can often be quite expensive, and if required, needs to be factored in to your budget pre-purchase.