Anju Vallabhaneni on Why Your Small Business Needs to Outsource Its IT

One of the best approaches to running a small business is to outsource as many aspects of it as possible and focus your time and your efforts on the actual business itself. This is what I tell my clients when I am looking into their new business, as they try to achieve the levels of success that they have been dreaming about. My colleague Anju Vallabhaneni and I work in the Ohio area, helping these small businesses to branch out and grow. One piece of advice which we always recommend is to outsource your IT section to the professionals and here are just some the benefits which you can count on when you do so.

Happier Staff

Staff morale can severely dip of they are using old systems or slow and outdated software. Many business owners accept this as the norm but it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the outsourcing of your IT section, you can count on having systems and software which run like a dream , something which will greatly boost staff morale.

Higher Security

Given that we store and use so much sensitive data on computers and the cloud, it makes much more sense to protect these aspects of the business. Can you imagine the damage that it would do to your business if someone stole information about your customers? What kind of effect would that have on your company’s reputation? Running old systems and old software simply opens the door to cybercrime, so you need to make sure that you have some professionals in place to update your IT, and ensure that you are protected.


When you have systems in place that are at the cutting edge of technology, like which the IT company will give you, you can count on the productivity in your business to be far higher. You would not believe the amount of hours of productivity that you are losing through the use of old systems and outdated software. Using an IT support can ensure that you have the best tech at your fingertips, thus boosting your business’ productivity.

Save Money

There are just two reasons why we would outsource any aspect of the business, the first is to save money and the second would be to allow experts to deliver a higher quality result than you are able to internally. In terms of the money saving, this is something which you can guarantee when you outsource your IT. Clients who we have had in the past have told us that they have managed to save up to 40% in costs since they have outsourced this aspect of the business. You will save money on paying staff in the business to deal with IT, you will save money on upgrading IT, you will also save money when an issue takes place that slows the business down- owing to the fact that it will be resolved quicker, and finally you can better plan your finances when have outsourced the aspect of your company.

For better results, outsource your IT systems.