8 Reasons a Masters in Data Science Is Relevant and Useful in 2021

Choosing your dream career path isn’t always a simple venture. You want to feel happy and fulfilled in whatever career you choose, but at the same time, you likely want to make a decent salary and know there are opportunities for growth in your future. If your research has led you to the possibility of a masters in data science, it makes sense to take your time and go over all the pros and cons. One of the most important questions you can ask is whether this masters is relevant and useful in 2021.

Here we’ll peel back the layers, take a closer look at a masters in data science and look at the ways it can benefit you, and how it is being received in the job market right now.

Qualify for Exciting Career Paths

Earning your masters in any discipline is bound to open career doors for you. It helps you to stand out from the competition, it shows potential employers you are serious about your future, and it preps you with all the skills, knowledge and foundations you need to succeed in your chosen field. That is the case with a masters in data science. The data science programs available through schools such as Kettering University train students to become leaders in the field, which, as you can imagine, will put you in a great position when you graduate.

Some of the more popular career paths that graduates follow include: 

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Applications Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Statistician
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Data Analyst

The career that tends to be the most popular however is that of a data scientist. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median salary for a data scientist in 2020 was $103,930 with some industries paying above and others below that average.

Opportunities for a Decent Salary

Speaking of salary, this brings us to another reason people are pursuing this field. Many of the jobs that the masters in data science prepares you for will pay well and are often above the national average. Not only that, but you have the chance to make more as you build your years of seniority, grow your skills, gain more experience and get to know the industry better.

Data Scientists are In-Demand

Then there is the fact that data scientists are very much in demand at the moment. You don’t want to go to the trouble, time, and effort of gaining your masters in a field that will be obsolete soon. This hardly sets you up for success. 

So, what makes them so in demand? Much of it comes down to their versatility. As a data scientist, you are trained to gather and analyze data; that data can be in any industry and sector. It’s that universal usefulness that ensures that as a data scientist you should be able to find work.

You Control Your Future

Another really important aspect of getting your masters in data science is that it allows you to control your future. You may wish to work for a large corporation, a small private company or even open your own business or consultancy. It’s the kind of master that preps you for several different career scenarios.

Big Data is Very Much On the Mind of Businesses

All you have to do is follow the news and you’ll see just how important big data is. This information is being collected at rates and volumes never before seen, which means professionals are needed to make sense of the data and figure out how it impacts and shapes the business.

Challenge Yourself Now and in the Future

Being happy in your job is about so much more than just getting a good salary. There is also the desire to feel fulfilled, rewarded, appreciated, and even challenged. A career in data science can tick off all those boxes for you. It’s the kind of job that requires you to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills, with each day feeling fresh and new. There will even be an aspect of creativity about it.

It’s hard to know when you first start in a career how long you’ll feel fulfilled and satisfied, which is why you want to try to look for one that offers growth opportunities. As you learn more, as technology changes, and as the way people use data changes, you can expect your job to also change and evolve. This helps to keep it feeling fresh in the long term.

Pursue Employment Overseas

Maybe your dream is to one day work overseas. This can be the best of both worlds; finding a job you love and experiencing a new country and culture. Not every masters will provide you with that opportunity – the skills you possess must be universally appealing and needed. Because the foundation of data science is the same no matter where you are, you know this is the kind of job that will allow you to work internationally.

What’s great is that all that knowledge and experience you gain while working internationally can then be applied to a job at home if you decide to come back. It won’t have been wasted time and it won’t set your career back.

A Masters Helps You to Build Confidence

The final reason a masters in data science can be relevant and useful in 2021 is that it can help you to build confidence. This is something that potential employers look for as they need to trust that you are the right person for the job, that you know what you’re doing and that you have confidence in your abilities. 

Investing In Yourself Is Always a Wise Decision

Anytime you decide to invest in yourself, you really can’t go wrong. Pursuing higher education, and increasing your skills and knowledge will only help to make you more successful in your life. And in terms of data science, it’s an exciting field that can appeal to all kinds of people making it well worth a second look.