Crazy Sports You Have Never Heard Of

Bored of baseball and sick of soccer? Well if you are looking for something more exciting than the standard sport here are some some crazy sports you have never heard of.

crazy sports you have never heard of

This bizarre sport mixes soccer, field hockey, and football into a bizarre fast paced hyper-dangerous sport, the Irish game of Hurling is one of the craziest sports in the world. Hurling gets the double honor of being both one of the fastest and oldest games in the world. The hurling balls have been clocked travelling nearly 100 miles per her. The sport has been played on the Irish Isle for over 3,000 years! To top things off the sport is played without any padding. It is also described as a sport for the truly humble, since players are forbidden from wearing names on their jerseys and their number switch per game.

Candlepin Bowling
Unless you live in New England you probably haven’t heard of candlepin bowling. While not as crazy as it bizarre, candlepin bowling looks downright silly. Candlepin is similar to standard bowling but the pins are shaped in the iconic oblong fashion, instead they are shaped like well…. candle sticks. The bowling balls are also fall smaller, not even having the iconic three holes. Another thing that make candlepin bowling one of the most crazy sports you have never heard of is the pins are left on the lane between the bowlers two rolls, adding a set of obstacles to the lane. Candlepin bowling is just strange enough to make the unsuspecting visitor to one of these bowling alleys wonder if they hadn’t ended up in a bizarre alternate reality.

Bog Snorkeling
Picture a murky ditch filled with brown water, in the midst of a Welsh peat bog. Now add a handful of competitors wearing wacky costumes and snorkels. Bog snorkeling is definitely one of the most crazy sports you have never heard of. Snorkelers will dive head first into the swampy cold water and compete for who can swim the length of the trench fastest. Often bog snorkeling events are held for charity so you have a noble reason to jump headfirst into these freezing bogs.

Professional Rock Paper Scissors
We have all played rock paper scissors since we were kids. The game has a surprisingly rich and fascinating history propelled to fame by the rise of the internet. Usually the game is used to decide who gets the front seat in the car or who gets the last slice of pizza. Did you know there is a professional rock paper scissors league? Many of us assumed it was solely a game of chance but maybe it is not. There have been several tournaments held in Las Vegas (of course!) where winners of the professional rock paper scissor tournament won $80,000!

So if you are looking to try your hand at an nontraditional sport or maybe just something to talk about around the water cooler, explore these crazy sports around the world that you may or may not have heard of.