Must Have Accessories Every Man Needs

Men tend to forgot about fashion accessories more than women. Accessories are just as important for men as they are for women. Here are some must have accessories every man needs to add a little something extra to any outfit. Men’s accessories are a great way to add an edge or an old suit or jacket.

Accessories Every Man NeedsBow tie
Once reserved for the nerds in college movies, the bow tie is once again trendy. Decidedly more formal than a necktie, the bow tie adds a great bit of retro-flair to your standard work suit and tie. Plus you don’t have to tie it so it can save you some time in the morning. Bow ties are a must have accessory every man needs and we recommend a black one (to  complete your James Bond-esque tuxedo) and one in a color that pops, to make an ordinary outfit more interesting.

Cuff links
Cuff links are definitely a gentleman’s accessory. A decorative piece of jewelry attached to your cuffs in lieu of buttons, cuff links give an impressive of wealth, formality, and class. In a variety of styles ranging from fabric to expensive gems there are cuff links for every budget and style. If you want to make your suit stand out, invest in a few pairs of cuff links.

Belts are often a neglected men’s accessory but they shouldn’t be. Every outfit whether casual and formal wears a belt and you should have a belt for these differing situation. Every man should have a several colors of belts to coordinate your accessories and looks. You should also have a few different styles for belts, you don’t want the same black leather belt with your jeans, khakis, and shorts. You will be wearing your belt probably more than any other accessory you own so it is worth getting a nice belt.

Necktie’s are one of the most common ways to customize any look. The more the merrier is the standard the mantra when talking about neck ties. From skinny to wide and pink to black, neckties come in all shapes, colors, and patterns; we recommend having a wide variety. Neckties are also a great way to make your suits seem more seasonal. Lighter-weight and more pastel colors will be great for spring and summer while darker tones of neckties and thicker (especially knit) fabrics are perfect for fall and winter.

Not every man has a good pair of suspenders but they should. Suspenders or “braces” are an accessories every man needs and a terrific way to beat the monotony of a standard day to day suit. Suspenders also pair great with bow ties for a great retro style look. Suspenders come in a variety of widths and styles, we say go for a mid with pair for versatility. So if you want to give the belt a rest give suspenders a try this year.

The accessory can make or break every man’s look so we hope this list of accessories every man needs inspires you to up your style game and invest in some quality accessories to round out your style for you next first date or job interview.