Tips Every College Freshman Should Know

Are you or a loved one about to start the first year of college? College can be a massive change so here are some tips every college freshman should know to make for an easy transition to this new and important stage in life.
college freshman

Get Involved in Extracurricular Activities
This is a tricky one because you don’t want to overburden yourself with responsibilities your first year at college but you also want to meet new people who share interests with you. Many college freshman feel isolated when they first at arrive at college because it may be the first time in their live’s they are living away from their family and friends. To help make new friends you should enroll in an club or sport. Start out with something noncommittal and fun, I’m thinking college movie night or Quidditch on weekends. You can save the resumé building extracurriculars for your junior/senior year, right now you are just focused on your studies and building a solid friend base.

Don’t Pack Too Much
One thing every college freshman should know is not to bring too much with them when they go to college. This means much of your wardrobe should be left behind, college is a great place to reinvent yourself and become a unique adult. You should seek out your own clothes that represent the adult you. Experiment with new looks and outfits, college is the perfect time to try things you were scared of before. This theory also applies to furniture and most of everything else you had at home. You don’t need your middle school band posters or collages of your 6th grade best friend. Use your first time living alone to find out who you are and not be weighed down form baggage back home. So remember don’t pack too much when heading to college.

Go to Class!
While you will hear many people bragging about not going to class and still getting a’s in college, they are really missing the point. You are paying a massive amount of money for the privilege to go to college and learn. Once you are in the “real world” you will not be surrounded by dedicated and knowledgable experts whose sole purpose is to pass on information to you. You are not paying for a degree, you are paying for the knowledge and experience that comes along with it. So no matter what your friends tell you and especially when you are a freshman, go to class every time. It will be hard to fail classes if you are there. Showing up is half the battle!

This are some tips every college freshman should know and we hope they will help you are your love ones with their first year of college. While college is one of the most exciting times in your life it can also be the most difficult for many so remember to pack light, make it to class everyday, and meet new friends at after school activities and you will be on track for a happy college experience.