How to Run a Blog While Studying

Learn How to Run a Blog While Studying, and you'll build your online presence as you work towards your degree
Photo by CC user Unsplash on Pixabay

Running a blog can be a great way of learning new skills such as writing, coding, and design, meeting new people, and sharing your views and ideas. Blogging can be really good fun, and can even make you some money. You may even find through blogging you learn a lot about yourself. However, blogging can be incredibly time-consuming. Often when we work online, doing something we enjoy, we lose track of time. If you are studying, it’s important not to let this happen. University also takes up a lot of your time. Some courses, like an online civil engineering degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, give you some flexibility as to when you study, but even these need your time and focus to be successful. These tips should help you manage both.

Get into a Routine

With study and blogging both being time-consuming, it may help to try and get into a routine. Study for a certain amount of time, perhaps until after dinner. Allow yourself blogging time after that. Remember to give yourself breaks from both, and time to really relax away from a computer screen. Obviously, if you study in school your class times will be set, but if you study online, such as a civil engineering degree online, why not set yourself class times and stick to them. Set alarms and write everything in a diary if you think it will help you to stick to your plan. ‘To-do’ lists are another great way to stay organized.

Be Open to Change

While routines are great, you need to be flexible to change. Things come up. Don’t be so set in your ways that you can’t accommodate them.


Remember, whatever happens, no matter how well your blog does, your studies need to come first. If you’re worried about not giving your blog enough time, consider asking someone to write some guest posts for you, or hiring a virtual assistant to help.

Blog What You Know

Blogging about something you know is a great way to make sure blogging is as easy as it can be. This might mean writing about your studies, either the subject matter or student life. If you don’t fancy that, look at your hobbies and interests. Is there anything you could be an authority on? Are you a great cook, or passionate about technology?

Use Apps

There are apps you can use to schedule blog posts or social media posts, such as buffer. Spend a day when you don’t have much university work writing up a few posts. Then use your apps and plugins to schedule them to be posted later that week, or even in a month, when you know you won’t have as much time.

Remember, you can always leave your blog for a week or two if you need to. It will be waiting for you when you get back. This is something to consider when you’ve got exams or important assignments due.