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Gospel for Asia – Offering Hope Through Religion


In the last 30 years the World has seen a huge improvement of fortunes, many areas of the World that were once considered impoverished and without hope have benefitted greatly from the kindness of other human beings. Unfortunately, the job is not yet complete, far from it, there are however some fantastic organizations who work tirelessly throughout the World who are successfully helping millions of people overcome their situation. One such organization is Gospel for Asia, a religious organization that works throughout South East Asia seeking to improve the lives of those in need through a wide variety of projects…

2016’s Most Underrated Destinations

underrated travel destinations

For most of us vacation time is hard to come by. So when we finally get to take a vacation we hope to get the most out of our time and money. The travel industry like any other has its trends, each year certain locations fall in and out of style. A savvy traveler knows you can save money and beat the crowds by picking locations that aren’t trending. Here are some of 2016’s most underrated destinations for you and your family’s next vacation. Rajasthan, India Located near both Delhi and Agra (home of the Taj Mahal,) Rajasthan is on many…

Must Try Street Food from Around the World

must try street food

One of the joys of traveling is eating. There is no better way to learn about a new culture than through their food. While going out restaurants in a foreign country can sometimes be a rip-off , eating street food is usually the best way to find authentic and affordable food while traveling, not to mention the tastiest! Here is some must try street food from around the world. Som Tum Thailand is famous for its street food. From curries to the infamous phad thai, Thai food is world renown for its bold flavors. One of the most popular Thai dishes is Som…