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Student Loans: Debt Relief and Forgiveness


Student loan debt in the U.S. has reached a staggering $1.35 trillion dollars. Almost 12 percent of the outstanding loans are in default and more than 60 percent of college graduates have some form of student loan debt. Click here for more information on student loans by state. Many graduates leave school with more than $100,000 of student loan debt. The higher the degree, the more student loan debt that’s probably incurred. Some graduates work two, three, or even four jobs to try to meet their student loan obligation, which can amount to a couple thousand dollars every month. Just…

Top Tips on How to Work With Debt Collection Agencies  


There are thousands of people out there who are living underneath a mountain of debt, debt that is unmanageable and debt that they are struggling to get out from under. If you are in a similar situation then there is help out there for you. Laws have changed a lot in recent years as a result of companies pushing debt on to people who couldn’t afford it and as such there are now ways and means to pay off your debts gradually through collections agencies. Debt collection companies strike up images of angry looking men knocking on your door, this…