Top Tips on How to Work With Debt Collection Agencies  

There are thousands of people out there who are living underneath a mountain of debt, debt that is unmanageable and debt that they are struggling to get out from under. If you are in a similar situation then there is help out there for you. Laws have changed a lot in recent years as a result of companies pushing debt on to people who couldn’t afford it and as such there are now ways and means to pay off your debts gradually through collections agencies.


Debt collection companies strike up images of angry looking men knocking on your door, this isn’t always the case and there are many brilliant collections companies out there who want to help you get rid of your debts. Companies like Brennan & Clark LLC who have been helping with debt recovery since 1980, trend setters in their field who work with companies and individuals to resolve debt issues quickly and amicably. If you find yourself dealing with a debt collection agency then here are some tips for how to go about it.

 Be Honest

Being honest is key to getting yourself out of debt, first, you must be honest with yourself in terms of how much money you owe, ignoring the amount helps nobody, especially not you. Once you have faced up to how much debt you have you need to be honest and fully transparent with your collections company. They can offer you solutions but it is up to you to provide them with accurate information about your financial situation. Ensure that you tell the company exactly how much you earn and more importantly, exactly how much you spend and what on. Doing this will put you in the best position to receive help from the company to get your debts paid off as soon as possible.

 Be Organized

Whilst the debt collection company is there to help you get your debts paid off, the responsibility is yours alone and you need to ensure that you are fully organized. Make sure that you keep any documentation that you have pertaining to your original debts and then any documentation that you receive from your debt collectors. Doing this ensures that you fully understand any agreements put in place and you have a back up if anything should go wrong.


 Ensure that you have regular communication between you and your debt collectors, if anything changes in your finances whether it be good or bad, it is your duty to let them know so that any agreements can be changed if necessary. It is a good idea to have a direct line of communication with one member of staff from the agency, doing this will make it easier for you to discuss your finances and will give you the peace of mind that there is someone that knows all about you and how best to assist you. As well as communicating yourself, it is vital that you don’t ignore any pieces of communication from either the debt collections company or your original creditors.