Want to Look Your Best for Less? We Can Help!

When it comes to keeping up with the latest trends and fashion one thing is for sure; It isn’t cheap! And while for some die-hard fashionistas it can often be the decision between eating for a week or buying a designer dress, a true fashionista knows that you can have both! You just need to know a few tips and tricks like the helpful ones below.

Rent Your Looks

If you haven’t heard of renting an outfit for a special occasion then you must be living under a very unfashionable rock. A le tote coupon from Groupon Coupons is the best way to get started with renting a designer outfit for special occasions or even on a monthly rotating basis to keep you looking up-to-date. Best of all, once the style has passed you can simply return the clothes in exchange for a new range of stylish options.

Group Message

If you use a popular service like Whatsapp then you will know all about group messages. And while group chats are a great way for friends and family to communicate across the country and even the globe, groups can also be used to help you save money. Start by creating a group of fashion-conscious friends and every time that either of you sees an item you want to buy, take a picture and send it to the group to check if one of the members has seen it for a cheaper price.

When creating this group, be sure to choose the members selectively so that the group doesn’t get spammed with people choosing to ignore it instead of help each other.

Join a List

There was once a time when customers would shudder at the idea of joining a mailing list. Largely because when email lists first became a trend, retailer abused them and spammed all of their customers until they each found a very useful button – SPAM/BLOCK. However, times have changed and retailers understand the value of your time and for this reason, have changed the way they market their products. For example, if you were to purchase a pair of pants and join a mailing list during the process then you could expect to soon receive an email with a promotion for a matching blouse.

Fashion Forums

During the introduction of the internet, the most effective way to communicate online was through message boards. Of course, as user interfaces began to take over and products like MSN Messenger and ICQ became more appealing options, message boards fell by the wayside. However, they are still around and are still very active. Fashion forums are a great way to find out about limited sales and promotional pop-up stores because designers often use the select and often fiercely devoted users to gauge their upcoming styles and ideas.

Looking your best at all times is no easy task but thanks to the tips above you can be sure that it doesn’t need to be an expensive one!