4 Ways To Reduce Anxiety

When you suffer from anxiety it can bring your entire day down.  You become fixated on stresses that may not even exist, and may even suffer panic attacks.

Rather than allowing yourself to accept that this is the way life is, you should try to minimize your stress levels in order to ensure that you have a calmer lifestyle.  Too much anxiety and stress can cause you to not only feel worse mentally but also emotionally. In order to reduce your anxiety try the following tips.

Practice Self Care

It’s important to do things for yourself which will encourage you to feel good about yourself.  WIthout doing things for yourself regularly you can start to feel down on yourself.

Treating yourself to something which will help you have better self-esteem can ease a lot of stress.  Whether you feel insecure about losing hair, being overweight, or having skin issues.  Giving yourself something which will ease your insecurity is important to feel good about yourself.

While looks don’t determine happiness, feeling confident in your own skin can make you lot calmer and better in your own skin. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel fantastic.

Focus On Your Breathing

When you start to feel the onset of anxiety coming on, try to focus on breathing and slow down your thoughts, then you start to focus on your breath instead of your thoughts.  By slowing down your breathing you can slow down your stressful thoughts and calm your body and brain down.

Even if you start to feel your thoughts creeping back in, push them back out and continue to breath raising your belly on inhales and dropping your belly on exhales.

Clear Your Space

Sometimes we may not think that our environment can have an impact on our emotions, however, being in a space full of junk and disorder can make you feel stressed out.  Rather than allowing your space to be messy, try to clear out your space so that it feels the way you want your head to feel.

Take time to throw away anything unnecessary and organize everything that is spread around.  You’ll find that you aren’t just more productive, but also a lot happier in your space.

Get More Sleep

Getting enough sleep can greatly affect the way that you handle stress throughout the day.  When you feel rested and calm then you are less likely to give into stress and conflict.

Making sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night will help you to feel better overall.  Otherwise, your anxiety peaks and your work performance may fall behind. If you must go to bed earlier in order to make this happen, then do so.