The Bridal Shower and Rehearsal Dinner Can Be Special and Cost Effective Too

Everyone loves a wedding. It is a happy occasion where the lovely couple gets a chance to exchange rings, proclaim their love for each other in front of friends and family, and where all in attendance participate in an affair that will surely be memorable. The clothing, the cake, the vows, the singing and dancing, and the flood of emotions make it a one-of-a-kind event that everyone feels fortunate to attend.

The wedding day is always the culmination of lots of work carried out over long months by a small army of people led of course by the jubilant bride. This group coordinates to make sure that every eventuality is thought through and every detail both great and small is covered. Along the way to the wedding, there and many important events that have to be planned and executed like getting the perfect wedding dress even if you need plus size wedding dresses. Two of the most important are the Bridal Shower and the Rehearsal Dinner and you can do them cheaply and have them both be special.

The Bridal Shower

When the groom proposes to the bride and she accepts, it sets in motion a series of emotions and events that need to be planned. The big one of course is the wedding which is the last and grandest event, but along the way, there will be several other important one, with none being more important than the Bridal Shower which typically happens a month or so before the actual wedding. The Bridal Shower is thrown by close girlfriends of the bride and led by the Maid of Honor who sends out wedding shower invitations to all of the bride-to-be’s close girlfriends. It represents a chance for the ladies to get together and bid their friend farewell to the single life. The Bridal Shower is usually held during an afternoon and may be at a restaurant or even at a home of one of the attendees and will include each lady buying and inexpensive gift for the bride to be. It is a very low key and fun affair and lasts a few hours and the focus should be on camaraderie rather than fancy gift giving . The Bridal Shower is not to be confused with the Bachelorette Party which is a nighttime affair and typically includes all types of craziness.

The Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner usually takes place a few days before the actual wedding and is a run through of the entire ceremony. Rehearsal party invitations are sent out to both families and all of the members in the wedding party, and gives everyone the chance to know their places and the timing of things that will occur during the wedding. Just as importantly it is a way for all involved to run through things and get rid of any butterflies. Finally it is a chance for both families to spend time together in advance of the big day. For people traveling to the wedding from out of time, they get a chance to relax wit bride and groom.  The Rehearsal Dinner is usually a very light affair that will end in a big dinner party. This event is where friendships are made and families bonds are solidified, and you do not need to go all out financially. In fact choosing a cheaper location can sometimes get people to relax more to focus on the event rather than the surroundings.  Everyone leaves knowing that they are prepared to help join the happy couple and send them off in style.

Basic Invite has Custom Bridal Shower and Rehearsal Dinner Invites

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