How to Select the Perfect Wedding Band

Every bride-to-be knows that choosing the right ring is a very important task. Whatever your outfit, whatever color your hair, your ring must match for ever more. It cannot be too eye catching or unusual as you may get bored of the latest trends; whatever you pick needs to be worn with pride for however long your ‘happily ever after’ is. Are you despairing at the very thought of choosing a ring? Well, don’t. Read our guide and get an idea of what your heart desires (apart from your new husband of course).

  1. Size Matters

Do you like a thick band? Perhaps you prefer a thin, dainty, sliver of a ring? Before you buy anything, make sure to browse pictures, notice other people’s rings and imagine yourself wearing different bands of all sizes and colors. If you are still unsure, read up about popular sizes and see what will suit you best.

  1. Decide on What Sort of Metal You Want

If you are always wearing silver, perhaps select a style in white gold. Alternatively, perhaps you might want to go for a more traditional yellow gold. If neither appeals particularly, consider going for a more contemporary tri-colored design such as a Russian wedding ring. Whatever metal you select remember that it must go with every outfit you wear for a really long time.

  1. Does Your Choice Complement Your Engagement Ring?

Before you settle on your final option, have you checked whether it goes with your engagement ring? If you are buying a yellow gold wedding band and you have a white gold engagement ring, will they look good together? If going for a triple color, you will largely avoid this problem but still, check if you like the aesthetic when placed together.

  1. Get the Right Size

Once you have decided what sort of ring you want, and have a particular band in mind that you might buy, you must get sized. Without inspiring too much fear, we want to emphasize how crucial it is to get a ring that fits correctly. If you are concerned that it might be too loose, get a jeweller to amend it for you. If during your marriage you drop a significant amount of weight, do not delay getting your ring resized. There is nothing more painful than spending a long time selecting the right ring, paying a lot of money for it, only to then lose it because it was the wrong size.

  1. Be Proud of your Choice

Once you have ordered the ring, try to remember that there are millions of bands in the world but what matters the most is whether or not you are happy with the one you have chosen. Resist the temptation to research more styles, or compare your choice to your friend’s ring, or your Mom’s. Remember that this is your wedding, your marriage and your ring. Enjoy your selection; it should make you happy each time you see it on your finger.