Unconventional ways to find your soulmate

Photo by CC user cocoparisienne on Pixabay

Looking to get creative in your quest to find the right person for you? In the article that follows, we will explore some unconventional ways to find your soulmate.

1) Tap into the powers of the occult

If you’re truly looking for an unconventional way to find your soulmate, then consulting a psychic medium might be one of the most unusual techniques to find your life partner.

If you are open minded, you could always get a tarot reading when looking for love, as the cards that the fortune teller flips over will show the way if you truly believe. If you don’t, it will at least give you some good ideas on how to proceed in your dating journey.

2) Be open to all experiences

It is said that those that are more willing to say yes to new experiences have a better chance of achieving what they set out to do than those that are more selective.

When you restrict your choices, your unconscious biases may hold you back from the person that is right for you in all other categories (except for the one that you are blacklisting).

While there will always be aspects of a person’s character that will be deal breakers, being overly rigid about most other character flaws will prevent you from meeting a person that is compatible in all other ways.

3) Don’t tell your life story in your dating profile

These days, many people begin the process of trying to find a partner through online dating websites. Some use their profile to tell their life story in a bid to find the person that is absolutely perfect for them.

Despite their well-meaning efforts, showing their hand leaves little else to discover about themselves, thereby removing the element of intrigue that makes the dating process fun.

Hold back on certain aspects of your character, as they will give your potential soulmate some amazing discoveries to make along the way.

4) Learn how to love yourself as a single person

Through the years, the media has convinced us that being single is something to be feared, as it is alleged to be a predictor of someone who is going to be forever alone.

However, in order to be valued, you need to work on yourself as a person and to love and accept yourself for who you are right now.

If you can do this, you will shine with a radiance that people who loathe themselves simply cannot replicate.