Why Dogs Make Great Pets

People love pets of all different sorts.  Some people buy lizards, while others have birds.  It can be a wonderful experience bringing a new family member into your home to love and to care for, which is why people do it.

However, when it comes to what you put into having a pet versus what you get out of it, having a dog beats the rest of the competition.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the reasons why dogs are some of the greatest pets that anyone can own and why.

They Are Loyal

When it comes to loyalty, there’s nothing quite like the love of a dog. No matter what you’ve done to a dog, they always love you no matter what. This kind of beauty in a relationship is unique between a man and his best friend.

When dogs act up doing things like destroying objects or even biting humans, this is only a result of a lack of education.  By nature, dogs are peaceful and loving creatures who are committed to their pack.

As long as you’re loyal and love your dog they will return the love you give them tenfold, to the moon and back.

They Get Us Active

Having a dog gives us a reason to get up and out of the house every day to take them for a walk.  Getting active by going for walks with your dog can burn as many as hundreds of calories a day that you wouldn’t have otherwise burned.  Not only does it get us out of the house and out into the fresh air, but it makes your a dog happier creature, as well as you!

They Are Affectionate

There is nothing like cuddling up next to your dog at the end of a long day.  They love to cuddle and be petted and give you lots of kisses.  Since humans are naturally affectionate creatures and crave the love of others,  a dog can be a perfect remedy for the love that we need in our human existence.

Not only that, but they make great little cuddle partners if you allow them to sleep in your bed.  You can even save on your heat bill since they are warm little furballs under the covers.

They Give Us Companionship

There’s no guaranteeing that we will find the love of our lives in this lifetime.  Some people remain unmarried forever and are perfectly happy like this.  What a dog can provide is companionship where it is lacking in other areas of our lives.

Having a buddy at home every day is a wonderful addition to anyone’s life even if they are married.   A dog’s companionship is an extra boost of love and affection from a creature with unconditional love.