Ways to Turn Your Love of Fitness into a Career


Many of us spend time wondering if there are ways we can make money from our hobbies or passions. Usually, as long as you are talented and committed, you can do just that. Those that love fitness or particular areas of sport worry that they can’t, as they aren’t fit enough to be trainers, or talented enough to go professional. However, there are many ways you can turn your love of fitness into a career. Here are some of the best.


Blogging is a growing industry. While many people blog as a hobby, there are some great ways, including advertising or hosting sponsored posts, to make money from it. If you are knowledgeable on all elements of health and fitness, or just have a passion for it, this can be a great niche for a blog. You’ll make money, get to know people with similar interests, and learn some new skills. If you are interested in turning your fitness blog into a business, consider an online MBA. An MBA would teach you everything you need to know about running a business. But also, give you a huge advantage when it comes to marketing. Marketing jobs with an MBA are easier to find, and these marketing skills would be a huge asset to your blog.


If you are a talented writer, you could combine the two. Write and self-publish e-books about health and fitness. Offer tips, advice and scientific knowledge. Or write about your personal experiences and the ways exercise has helped you. You could even catalogue, either through a book or blog, your own training plan, the ups and downs you face on route to a big event. Let others learn from you.


As a personal trainer, you could either work for a company or gym, or as a freelancer. While some personal trainers help athletic people train for events and improve their fitness, there are other opportunities. Some people employ a personal trainer to help them lose weight or because they are incredibly unhealthy and need extra support. These people don’t necessarily want the fittest of the fit. They want someone they can relate to, and aspire to be more like.


As well as training, there is coaching. To be a coach you will require some certification, especially to work with children. Every sport, or activity, needs a coach, so there is no shortage of options.


You could open your own E-commerce or brick and mortar store, selling the best and most useful sportswear and equipment. Use your own experiences to advice customers and make sure you are selling the right products. If you feel there is a gap in the market, you could even invent or design your own product, market and sell it to consumers.

If you are interested in marketing look at studying an MBA for marketing careers, or to help you turn your passion into a business, consider a course from Villanova University.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t stop exercising, and enjoying your fitness plan.

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