Should I Buy a Vape Pen?

Vape pens came about as a potentially safer and better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

They were preceded by the first generation of electronic cigarettes commonly referred to as cig-a-likes, which were – or rather are, considering their vestiges are still around – e-cigs that resemble the traditional cigarette in look, down to the glowing end.

Vape pens are the second generation of electronic cigarettes, a generation that marked a momentous time in the historical timeline of electronic cigarettes.

That’s because it is this particular range of devices that heralded the vaping wave circa 2014, the period when electronic cigarettes can be said to have truly gone mainstream.

Not only did they look ‘cooler’ than their predecessors, but they were an improvement in every respect – battery power, throat hit, cloud production, and more crucially, flavour.

Also known as regular or personal vaporisers (PVs), vape pens are named so due to the sleek pen-like look they assume.

For those who have not tried out a vape pen yet, you are bound to ask yourself if investing in one is worth it. Knowing their benefits will no doubt clear any doubts you may have.

They provide a Pleasant Experience

Many smokers are hesitant to kick the habit because of the pleasure the experience brings. In case you didn’t know, vape pens can give you the same experience too.

You see, cig-a-likes have always had one major shortcoming with regard to their ability to satisfy nicotine cravings. Sub-ohms and mods – the higher version of vape pens – for their part, are better suited to more advanced vapers as they can be a bit intense.

Vape pens offer a sweet compromise between these two extremes. Their nicotine delivery is smoother for ex-smokers and those in it for the nicotine, and the casual vaper who fancies the vaping experience without the nicotine will find them pleasant too.

Speaking of which…

They afford you Control over your Nicotine Intake

One of the best parts about vaping is the ability to choose the nicotine strength in e-liquid, which makes it possible for vapers to regulate their nicotine intake.

In the UK, the maximum concentration of nicotine currently allowed by law is 20 milligrams per every millilitre, having been lowered from 24 mg/mL. 0mg is an option too.

For anyone aiming for a nicotine-free experience, vape pens make it easier to scale down your nicotine levels gradually, up until the time you achieve your preferred strength.

Wealth of Flavours

One of the best parts about vaping is the amount of e-liquid flavours available for vapers which makes it a very adventurous pursuit.

While e-cigarette laws and regulations across the world have been masterminding a ban in e-juice flavours in the name of making them less appealing to teens, there is still an embarrassment of flavour options to choose from – tobacco, menthol or mint, fruity and sweet flavours and more.

They are Trendy

As we mentioned earlier, vape pens were largely responsible for the boom witnessed in the vaping industry due to their ability to deliver a more satisfying experience.

But that’s only part of the story.

These also happen to be the most striking of all vape devices as far as looks go. Vape pens are designed to be appealing, so be prepared to come across all sorts of sleek designs and beautiful colours out there.

They have become a fashion statement of sorts, a statement piece, so much so that you’ll even find them being used as stylish accessories in fashion shows!

They are Refillable

First off, let’s point out that vape pens come in both refillable and disposable forms.

Not only are the refillable ones more versatile in terms of e-liquid options, but they are also a cheaper investment in the long run as well.

This is also the case when you juxtapose them against tobacco cigarettes. The amount you’ll spend on vaping on any given year is much cheaper compared to smoking.

And…there you have it!