4 Reasons You May Be Feeling Fatigued


From time to time you may feel tired or lagging in energy. It’s pretty typical if you have a grueling schedule or a busy life at home. However, when being tired turns into full-blown exhaustion, it’s important to recognize whether it’s a serious problem.

Feeling fatigued starts to affect your personal life, professional life, and even your emotions. This could be a serious issue if you have a job which requires a tremendous amount of energy and brain power. Perhaps you’re a surgeon, pilot, or even work in criminal justice. With careers which require a lot of focus, there’s no room for feeling less than your best.

You may start to wonder what you’re doing wrong and how you can get back on track with your energy levels. The first step is to identify what the cause is, then you can start moving forward with solutions. Here are some of the most common causes you may want to consider.


The first thing that you should consider is whether your fatigue is a result of having an illness, like chronic fatigue syndrome. Although chronic fatigue syndrome can often be misdiagnosed by a doctor, it’s something which shouldn’t be overlooked as a possibility.

Chronic fatigue is something which should be identified and treated as early on as possible since it can lead to a person being incapable of carrying out daily duties. Although there is no agreed medical explanation for chronic fatigue, it can often be a symptom of a more significant problem. Be sure to call your doctor first and foremost to get a diagnosis.

Poor Sleep

Sometimes fatigue is as simple as someone habitually failing to get a good night’s rest. There more factors than mere length of time sleeping which can attribute to your quality of sleep than only the period of time asleep.

Factors like stress, a poor quality mattress, and even breathing issues can be what’s causing your poor sleep. Try to make an honest assessment of how well your sleeping conditions are and make improvements where necessary.


In films, the pregnant woman stereotype is usually portrayed as nauseous and eating strange combinations of food. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that those aren’t symptoms which are common in everyone. Often fatigue is one of the most telltale signs of pregnancy.

Since there are so many hormones and changes going on in your body, it can be a lot for your system to take on. The further into a pregnancy that you get, the more and more fatigued many are.

Vitamin Deficiency

Lacking a specific vitamin such as iron can play a huge role in your health. An iron deficiency will almost always result in lack of energy and feeling lethargic.

Iron is good for you and keeps you feeling energetic and on top form. Therefore, make sure that you consume a healthy dose of iron every day whether it be through vitamins or in foods.