Know When Your Health is on the Line

Have you had one or more times in life when you felt as if your health was failing you? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.

Many individuals over the years deal with emergency medical situations at times. The key to surviving an emergency is making sure one gets the needed treatment in the right amount of time.

So, what will happen to you if your health is on the line?

Getting Emergency Medical Care Can Prove Imperative

In the event you run across a medical emergency or two in your lifetime, survival depends on some factors.

The most important one is that you get to the closest emergency room.

But how will you know which emergency room is best suited to care for you?

That decision of where you end up going may not always be in your hands. That said you should do some research ahead of time before you even end up in an emergency to start.

Do you know the nearest and best emergency centers and hospitals to both where you live and work? What if you are on the road traveling for business or pleasure and a medical emergency strikes?

By doing some pre-planning, at least know the resources available in the event of an emergency.

One way to go about researching such information is by using the Internet.

You can get a feel for which emergency centers and hospitals are within easy driving distance to you. Granted, some emergencies will mean one may go to the closest facility to save time.

Jot down the names and addresses of some of the closest facilities to you so you have an idea of what is available. This will make it a little easier for you to give some guidance on where you want to end up.

Be Prepared with the Right Information

It is also important that you have info on you for the following should you be in a medical emergency:

· Your family doctor – EMT’s will want to know who your family doctor is. This is important so they can reach out to them in the event you are in for a prolonged stay.

· Your medical history – Knowing your medical background is important. Of most importance would be any allergies you have to certain medications. It is also important to know if you’ve had any major surgeries over the years. This would include surgeries to the heart or brain among others.

· Your closest contacts – Last, be sure to have the names and phone numbers of a few close people in your life. Doing this will make it easier and save time for medical personnel to reach out to a relative or close friend. Someone close to you may have to make a medical decision for you in the event you are unable to.

While an emergency can cause you anxiety or worse, being somewhat prepared for one can make it easier.

Do your research and know what resources may be available to you in the event an emergency strikes.