Reasons Why Are There so Many Auto Accidents in the US

The amount of car accidents that occur in the US is astounding. There are approximately 5,500,000 vehicle accidents every year, with more than 30,000 fatalities, and more than 2,225,000 injuries. Many people believe that most car accidents are random occurrences and that nothing much can be done to vastly reduce the numbers we see each year.

But the reality is that in the majority of situations, there are specific and avoidable reasons for a vehicle accident. Understanding these reasons can assist us in avoiding a vehicle accident and perhaps save our lives. Here are some of the typical reasons for the large amounts of auto accidents each year.


The most prevalent reason for the large amount of auto accidents is excessive speed. This does not always mean that the driver was going above the speed limit however. Going too fast can mean that the driver was driving too fast navigate the road. This might mean that the driver was speeding, but it can also mean that road conditions demanded that the driver drive much lower than the posted speed limit, but the driver did not comply. Wet, icy, or snowy road conditions are examples.

When these conditions are present, drivers should moderate their speed and drive much lower than the speed limit. Adverse conditions mean that drivers will need more time to navigate the road and so slower speeds are demanded. This can also be the case if it is dark, the driver is on medication or tired, or if the vehicle is not operating properly. When a driver does not moderate his speed in these situations, the conditions for a car accident become present and often there is one.

Part of the responsibility of driving a motor vehicle is that the driver must adapt to conditions on the road or his own condition in determining how fast to drive. This is something that everyone driving an automobile has the power to do avoiding a potentially dangerous situation for themselves and others on the road.

Finally, always keep your car in good working condition. Tires are particularly important. They are your contact with the road and will be called on in an emergency to keep you safe. Make sure you regularly service them and the rest of your car.

Driving While Impaired

In the US nearly 300,000 people drive under the influence of alcohol or other substances that impair their physical and mental abilities. As a result driving while impaired is a major cause of traffic accidents and deaths. In terms of the numbers, one person every 53 minutes dies in the US from a driving while under the influence accident. Of course those injured in these accidents are many times this number.

There are constant campaigns in the media imploring people to not drive while impaired and each state has set up hefty fines and jail time for those who choose to ignore this law. The great news is that it is paying off. Fatalities from impaired driving accidents have fallen by a third over the last three decades, but they still remain stubbornly high for incidents that can be totally avoided.

The best approach for each driver if they suspect that they may be impaired, is to not drive a motor vehicle. There are many great options for you to get you where you want to go. Call a friend, grab an Uber, or simply stay wherever you are until you are no longer impaired. Taking these options may save your life or someone you love.

If you find yourself the victim of a vehicle accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other related issues occurring from the accident. You should contact a reputable and skilled law firm that specializes in car accident cases. If your car accident occurred in the Oakland California area this means working with an Oakland Injury lawyer like the Dolan Law Firm who have an excellent track record for getting their clients good settlements in car accident cases.