Jarle Thorsen Answers FAQs on Being a Good Businessman

Jarle Thorson is one of the most established business people in the world today. He founded Unaico nine years ago and has been hugely successful in running it. He is a man that people consider as having power, with contacts spanning from Hong Kong to the main pyramid in Egypt and beyond. He has a network of fantastic business owners, envestors, and true money people. He is also a role model for aspiring business people, which is why he has taken the time to answer some of the most common FAQs.

Jarle Thorsen Answers Business FAQs

Q. What knowledge do you need to become a businessman?

A. Being a businessman is not about being academically smart, although it can help. It is far more important to be fully aware of the ins and outs of the niche industry that you were interested in. You also have to learn to think differently, focusing on innovative concepts and interpersonal skills.

Q. Do you need a degree to get into business?

A.  Not necessarily, although it is all down to your own personality. Some people are academic in nature and they become personally motivated by learning new skills and then applying them. It’s the same time, there are those people who have no interest in achieving an academic education, believing that being an entrepreneur is something that is in your spirit rather than in your IQ. A degree will teach you about business concepts, how to restrain yourself, and a number of other important skills, so it will definitely not be a waste to obtain one.

Q. How do I learn to speak with more confidence?

A.  Having oral communication skills is very important for business men, as they often have to hold presentations to their partners, build relationships with prospective partners, and generally speak to people in their network. Practicing to be a confident speaker can be done in a variety of different ways. Training courses exist in can be very beneficial, but you may benefit just as much from simply standing in front of your mirror or holding your presentation in front of friends and family until you know you are confident.

Q. How do you build networks?

A. Building a network is hugely important if you are to be successful in business. How to do that is something that no school can ever teach you, which is one of the key reasons why so many people believe that having a degree is not necessary to be a successful businessman. Soft skills and interpersonal skills can be learnt, however. You simply have to make a conscious decision to always be friendly and polite. Doing that makes you not just more approachable but also more memorable.

Q. Where do I get money from to start up my business?

A. Getting funds is one of the harder aspects of being successful and one of the key reasons why obtaining a degree may be necessary, as you will learn important things such as how to approach funders and how to write a business plan. If you believe in what you have to offer, however, you should be able to convince those who have the money that you are a worthwhile investment.