How CBD can be used to soothe anxiety?

It’s hard to know whether anxiety is becoming more common, or if it’s just talked about more often nowadays, with the gradual ebbing away of the mental health stigma. Philosophers have been around for millennia, trying to solve various mental conundrums which prevent us from leading happy lives, with the goal of ending psychological suffering.


Moreover, being exposed to some level of fear is not just welcome, but necessary to our survival. It’s vital that we know which situations may endanger us so that we can avoid them, or at least approach them with circumspect. But anxiety stops serving us and begins to plague us when we can no longer live freely, and without feeling like we are stuck in a mental prison.

Many find reading into their issues helpful, and meditation can also help to promote calm, alleviate stresses and view certain scenarios from new angles. But as scientists have investigated what causes anxiety, through studies on the brain, we have become aware that chemical imbalances and other factors contribute to the condition – and also, that anxiety can be resolved, or at least managed, through treatment.

This research could not come at a more important time, with around 40 million adults now suffering from anxiety in the United States, according to Anxiety & Depression Association of America statistics.

Despite not being approved as an anxiety medication yet, several studies researching the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) suggest that the non-psychoactive hemp and cannabis compound can reduce symptoms. This was further confirmed by a survey of more than 2,400 people featured recently in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, which reported anxiety as one of the most popular reasons for using CBD. The study also provides valuable information for those who want to sell CBD products, and are looking to make sensible CBD wholesale purchases.

What sort of anxiety can CBD help with?

CBD may be used to help relieve both generalized and social anxiety disorder (GAD and SAD), through the indirect and direct activation of CB1 and 5-HT1A receptors which are found throughout the brain – but especially, in the case of anxiety, in the amygdala, a brain region in the limbic system that regulates fear responses. Some research also suggests that CBD reduces anxiety by propping up GABA levels, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that is also active in the amygdala.

The most suitable CBD product for soothing anxiety depends on the anxiety that you are affected by. For instance, anxious symptoms that remain a constant throughout the day can be tackled with a CBD product that also works consistently, for many hours. However, for anxiety that is triggered by certain situations and then subsides, the best form of treatment is a potent one that kicks in quickly.

CBD e-liquid and tincture oils

The anxiolytic benefits of CBD can be felt the fastest when the substance is taken via the form of an e-liquid or tincture oil. Vaping CBD is very safe in comparison to smoking, according to studies that have analyzed the long-term effects of both, but non-vapers and smokers may feel more comfortable with a HempBombs tincture oil – these are administered under the tongue.

If social anxiety is stopping you from enjoying yourself when with friends, or from functioning properly at work or in other day-to-day life engagements, then fast-acting CBD can be great for getting out of your head and into the present moment. And there is a kind of multiplier effect to this, too: the more focussed you are with what’s happening around you, and the less involved you are with mental stress, the less scary social scenarios will seem, and the better equipped you will be to handle them.

CBD edibles

CBD edibles provide more cost-effective anxiety relief and are ideal for people who feel nervous and edge during the day or find themselves unable to sleep at night due to psychological turmoil.

While the effects are not instant and are often not noticed for an hour or more, the sustained anti-anxiety benefits make edibles an efficient way to self-medicate. CBD capsules also work in the same way as edibles, and offer the ultimate discretion in comparison to vaporizing, which isn’t permitted everywhere and, depending on the e-juice, can create a smell.


The scientific studies and surveys of CBD users both point to CBD as a powerful and reliable solution for anxiety. Experimentation is vital, as the effects of CBD can differ from user to user. CBD is non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive.