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Things to Do in Vegas


Ask most people where the entertainment capital of the world is and many of them will tell you straight away Las Vegas. Nestled in the desert this Nevadan wonderland features some of the largest hotel/casino complexes in the world. This is an exotic fantasy world where the casino hotels evoke mystery, romance and decadent adventure. Historical themes are exploited to subliminally adjust us to the devilishly exotic excitement of past societies such as the Greeks and the Romans. “Las Vegas Night Skyline” (CC BY 2.0) by  Prayitno So let’s say you are rocking into town and there are ten things you absolutely must…

Crazy Sports You Have Never Heard Of

craziest sports you have never heard of

Bored of baseball and sick of soccer? Well if you are looking for something more exciting than the standard sport here are some some crazy sports you have never heard of. Hurling This bizarre sport mixes soccer, field hockey, and football into a bizarre fast paced hyper-dangerous sport, the Irish game of Hurling is one of the craziest sports in the world. Hurling gets the double honor of being both one of the fastest and oldest games in the world. The hurling balls have been clocked travelling nearly 100 miles per her. The sport has been played on the Irish Isle for…