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How Patient Data Security Is More Important Than Ever


If you have been paying attention to the news you might have noticed that there have been several hospitals targeted by hackers, and as a result the complete medical histories of thousands of patients have been put up for ransom. Individually, the files of each patient were not targeted, but unscrupulous parties fully understood what could happen if those medical records were compromised. Not being able to go back and make changes that could keep patient medical records from being breached, experts with a masters in health law are now set to change the landscape of patient data and security…

How Sick is My Baby?


Babies are prone to sickness including colic, sniffles and colds. Mild colds are normal for infants and are typically not something to be too concerned about. A baby’s immune system is immature and takes a while to build up. However, there is a difference between a baby with a cold and a baby who needs medical attention from urgent care in San Jose. How Sick is My Baby? Here’s what you should be looking for to gauge how ill your infant is. Over-Crying You know your baby better than anyone. All babies cry and whine – it’s the only way…

Altering your diet after gastric sleeve surgery


Studies have proven that it’s one of the most successful bariatric procedures around, with the gastric sleeve helping thousands of people lose weight that was causing them potentially life-threatening conditions. However, while it does make dieting much easier, it would be foolish to be under the impression that this is a “set and forget” treatment. In other words, there are certain guidelines that must be followed after surgery, with most of these related to your diet. Of course, you will be given a thorough brief in the aftermath to highlight exactly what you can and cannot eat. For those who…