Stop panic attacks – Few immediate hacks to keep in mind

Panic attacks are intense or sudden fits of anxiety or panic. Sometimes they can get overwhelming and can also lead to several emotional and physical symptoms. There are many who find it difficult to breathe, tremble, sweat heavily and find their hearts pounding when they get panic attacks. Some others may even experience chest pain along with a strange feeling of disengagement from reality when they have a panic attack.

In a nutshell, panic attacks can be dangerous and can hit on you really fast. Online guides like can tell you more on how you can stop panic attacks. But before conducting any further research on this, here’s how you should put a halt to panic attacks.

  • Deep breathing often works

Hyperventilating is one of the most common symptoms of panic attacks which raise the level of fear and hence deep breathing can reduce the potential symptoms of panic during an attack. Whenever you are capable of controlling your breathing process, you can reduce the hyperventilating experience which can make your panic attack worse. Take deep breaths through your mouth and make the air fill your chest and leave the breath slowly.

  • Come to terms with the panic attack

When you recognize that what you’re having is a panic attack and not a heart attack, you can remind yourself that this is not permanent but temporary and it is going to pass. Let go of the fear that you’re going to die and believe that there is no impending doom that is looming on you. This can let you focus on different techniques through which you can alleviate the symptoms.

  • Close your eyes and relax for some time

There are different types of panic attacks which can overwhelm you. In case you’re living in a fast-paced environment which has got lot of stimuli, this can add fuel to your panic attack. If you instantly want to reduce the stimuli, close down your eyes during the attack. This will block off all unnecessary stimuli and make it simpler for you to focus only on your breathing.

  • Involve yourself in light exercise

Endorphins will continuously pump the blood in a proper way. It floods your body with endorphins which automatically improves your mood. Due to the fact that you’re already stressed for the panic attacks, you should choose some light exercises like swimming or walking.

  • Keep lavender oil in hand

Lavender is reputed for relieving stress and for soothing your body. It also relaxes your body. In case you think you’re prone to panic attacks, keep a bottle of lavender oil handy so that you can breathe in the scent and feel relaxed.

Therefore, if you’re someone who suffers from panic attacks, don’t fret. Just follow the strategies given above so that you can stop such attacks from causing harm to your physical and emotional well-being.