The Truth Behind Your Child’s Allergy Flare Up

What’s making your child’s allergies flare up so badly? As much as the thought may pain you to think about, you have to consider the possibility that allergen agents in the home are making your child feel sick. The good news is that you can easily pinpoint the culprits behind the sniffles, coughs, and sore throats — and eradicating those causes is just as easy.

First, pay close attention to the air inside your home. Does it always seem murky? Is it difficult for you to breathe as well? Inspect your box fans and ceiling fans first. Make sure the blades aren’t dusty; if they are, they’re only sending polluted air back into your home. Have an HVAC services professional check your home’s HVAC system. The ducts may need cleaning, and perhaps you need time to change your home HVAC system’s air filter. Give your house a thorough deep cleaning as well. Scrub the corners and baseboards along with all other places where dust accumulates.

Next, change your child’s mattress pad, clean the box springs, and get new pillows. Dress the bed in hypoallergenic sheets and blankets. Put in the effort to clean the carpets, curtains, and upholstery in high-traffic rooms. Making your home an allergen-free space takes much effort, but the results are worth the work once you see your child feeling better. Besides, clean air and a healthy environment are good for the family, even the pets. Study the following infographic to learn more about fighting allergy symptoms and eliminating allergens in your home.