5 Easy-Breezy Tips to Prepare Your Kids for School

Seeing your kids growing every day is a bittersweet experience. Of course you are excited and happy to see them grow but at the same time you feel scared and protective of them especially that they will soon be exposed to the world. Slowly, you can’t help but to let go of them. Many parents surely feel this way during the big milestones in their children’s life. One of the biggest leap is when the kid starts kindergarten, primary school, then after a few years, college.

Going to school for the first time is indeed a major change in a child’s routine and definitely a big milestone in their life. As a parent, you should guide them and prepare them so they can easily adapt to such change in their routine.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your kids:

  1. Tell stories about you going to school – kids are curious by nature. They have many questions and they want to hear many stories. The concept of school is indeed new to them so the best way to introduce it to them is by sharing your own stories. It is best to tell them some memorable stories when you are going to school especially when you are little. Then, slowly, tell them that they will also be going to school very soon. Make it sound exciting for them so they don’t get scared.
  1. Explain the importance of schooling – then, you should explain to them why it’s important to go to school. Tell them that going to school will teach them many things like write, read, draw and they will also get to meet new friends.
  1. Allow them to choose their things for school – another thing that will help them feel excited rather than hesitant or scared is by shopping for school supplies with them. It is best to allow them to choose their things like their school bag, notebooks, pencil case and others. It will be fun for the kids for sure.
  1. Prepare delicious and nutritious snacks – it is also recommended to prepare snacks for them. This is something kids look forward to in school – their snacks. So make sure to prepare something delicious and nutritious. Anticipating their snacks for the day is something to motivate your kids to go to school.
  1. Help them study at home – lastly, make sure to ask how their day at school went every time they arrive home. Let them tell you stories about their classmates, teachers and best of all, help them study at home. This is also a great bonding moment for you. Kids will feel more at ease to know that you are with them. It is important to allow them to work in their own space. Do not force them to finish their homework fast and never pressure them. You do not want them to feel burdened with their homework. Instead, make it fun by joining them.


These tips will help your child cope up and learn about the concept of going to school and studying. It is important to guide them every step of the way to help them feel secured.