Great Gifts for Your College Bound Children


Starting college can be incredibly daunting, for both children and parents. It’s a sign that they have grown up, and that things are changing. They are taking their first steps as an adult. This fills many parents with a great sense of pride, but also a little sadness. Packing them off with a gift can be a great way to remind them that you care, and that you will always be there for them.

A Lightweight Laptop

Even if they intend to live at home while they study, or they’re studying an online master of law program at University of Southern California and don’t even need to leave their room, they will need a good laptop. Tablets and smartphones are great for working on the go, but nothing beats a laptop for intense research or writing long essays. Lightweight gives them the option to study wherever they want.


While the use of technology is increasing massively, there is still a need for good old fashioned stationery. It can also make a much more personal gift. Make sure they have enough notebooks and pens to last them the year.

An E-reader

E-readers make carrying all of their course books around much more comfortable. A kindle, or something similar, has enough storage to hold all of their text books, and even some fiction for when they have time to relax and unwind. All of these small lightweight gadgets also mean they’ll be able to come and visit much more easily.

Home Comforts

No matter how grown up your kids are, they will still appreciate a few home comforts, so why not pack them a care package, with some memories from home? Perhaps some photos and a few of their favorite things, and then add some soft furnishings, and maybe some candles, as we all know student dorms aren’t the most fragrant. Just little things that you think will make them feel more settled and at home in new surroundings. This is especially good if this is the first time they have been away from home.


Student dorms are often very bland and boring, but they won’t be able to decorate. Get them some posters they’ll love, to brighten things up a little bit, and to show off their personality to all their new friends.


If you ask a student what they would like, food is often quite high up on their wish list. With so much to learn and so many new experiences to be had, food shopping isn’t often a priority. Or, if it is, they could well end up only buying unhealthy ready meals. Take them for a big food shop when they move or load a prepaid card for a shop. Make it easier for them to look after themselves, and it’s easier for you to let them go.

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Remember, just because they are starting university, be it in school, or an online degree, such as an online LLM degree, they still need you and will be grateful for anything you give them.

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