Here’s A List of Travel Manners People Should Know


If there is one other thing that remains constant in people’s lives regardless of where they live, it is the urge to be travelling anywhere in the world without worrying about expenses or which route is the most ideal to take. Why not, right? Being able to go on a trip around the world is by far the best kind of therapy, the best kind of escape we can do. All those places we have not seen, the people we have not met, and of course, all the food we can gorge on.

However, our excitement during our travels makes us forget just about the most important thing our parents have taught us since we were little: manners. If you commute to and from work, you have probably encountered a person or two who are disrespectful of the people who are riding public transport with them. Imagine experiencing that a few thousand feet on the air. Yikes!

The occasional slip in manners can happen while you are traveling, but being aware of your behaviour and your surroundings will help avoid any kind of social mishap. Here we have listed down some of the unspoken rules of travel that you should know.

Be conscious of people’s space

We all get angry at the person who hogs the armrest, who reclines a seat all the way down therefore trapping your legs, or that one person who sits with legs akimbo. But you know, sometimes that annoying passenger can be you. Always be aware of other people during your travels, whether it is on a plane or when you are commuting in a foreign place. Always ask for permission for things such as reclining your seat or using the whole arm rest as a courtesy.

Do not hesitate to tell someone to keep quiet

Most people think that it is rude to tell people to quiet down when people are disturbing passengers on a plane. To be honest, though, it is more impolite if you burst angry at the last minute. If you have been bothered by it from the start, it is better to clear the air and tell them. People who are suddenly angry would cause a scene, so do not be like that. Avoid conflict by telling the truth and maybe finding out why they were noisy in the first place; perhaps there is some issue that you can help with.

Do not groom yourself when you are in public transport

It is ill-mannered to be grooming yourself in public. If you have to comb your hair, clean your ears, or clean your nails; please do it in the privacy of a restroom.

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Keep the size of your bag in mind

This is not going to be about making sure your bag is small, but about being mindful of it if it is not. People will bump into a bulky bag, especially if you are walking around with it or if you are standing in a train. Make sure to place it on your feet if you are not moving, or if you are walking, try to hold it down so that it does not sway as much. Otherwise, try and carry a reasonably sized bag.

The last thing you need to take note of is the clothing restrictions some places have. Respect culture and tradition by learning what these clothing restrictions are and packing accordingly. These are the basic rules of thumb people have overlooked, it would be wise to keep these in mind during your trip.

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