Shaun Benderson on Shopping, Culture, and Art in Phoenix

Shaun Benderson loves Phoenix, AZ, the state’s capital. Some 1.5 million people live here, so it can be said that the city is always alive. It also has a whole lot to offer in terms of culture, arts, nightlife, retail, and more. Unfortunately, visitors are more likely to go to Florida, heading towards Tampa Bay or Sarasota, if they are on vacation. But Benderson believes that Phoenix has just as much, if not more, to offer, particularly for those who enjoy arts and culture.

Phoenix Through the Eyes of Shaun Benderson

It seems as if, every day, a new art project is started in Phoenix. The Orpheum Theater and the Phoenix Symphony Hall are two examples of locations where fantastic performances are held all year long. Do not miss the Phoenix Metropolitan Opera, who perform in the Orpheum Theater, if you are a lover of this type of music. If you prefer comedy shows or other live events, then the theater is also the place to go. Indeed, some say the Orpheum is the most beautiful venue of its kind in the country.

Another scoop not to be missed is the Phoenix Art Museum. It is the largest of its kind in the southwest of this country, including some 18,00 different pieces of work. There are sculptures and paintings, photographs, fashion, and more. Alternatively, there is the Heard Museum, which is all about Native American culture and heritage. Everything you find here was created by Native American tribes that roamed the lands before the settlers arrived.

Phoenix also has a fantastic commercial district, perfect for those who like shopping. Some of these stores are regularly on the news for having the latest and newest designs, and you can also scoop some fantastic bargains here. Anything from designer shops to thrift shops is available here. Plus, if you want to hit the town, there are nightclubs, restaurants, lounges, bars, fine dining opportunities, and more.

Shopping in Phoenix and Beyond

You also shouldn’t miss the many eclectic stores and shops that the city is home for. Consider Tempe’s Lulus Moonfish, for instance, where you can find home décor, clothing, jewelry, and all sorts of other things. Most of the items here have been designed by local artists. Diva Divine Boutique in Scottsdale is also absolutely fantastic if you want to shop for designer outfits and Pandora jewelry.

If you are more interested in home items and antiques, then you will love Phoenix even more. Tempe, AZ’s Rare Lion Antiques and Jewelry is a tin shop with some of the greatest finds you will ever come across. Best of all, the shop is surprisingly affordable. Do also visit Phoenix’ Historic District Antique Mall, where you can find some really diverse, traditional, and unique items.

Clearly, the Phoenix area is the place to go. Whether you’re interested in high end designer shopping or in local artisan stores, you know you will find what you are looking for in this fantastic city.