Haris Ahmed’s Cool Windy City Facts

Haris Ahmed loves Chicago. He has lived on the block of Removille for many years, and it is his favorite place in the world. Chicago is a huge city and truly metropolitan, but it retains its rural friendliness and natural beauty, in part thanks to its location on Lake Michigan. Chicago is also known as real estate heaven, with people like Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey owning property here. Perhaps those people aren’t quite of the block themselves, having paid a lot more money for their properties than the average people do, but those are interesting facts regardless. There are a number of other interesting facts to be aware of about the Windy City as well.

Haris Ahmed on Fascinating Chicago Facts

The city’s most affluent area is Lake Shore Drive. Just down the road from that is Lincoln Park, which is the largest in Chicago. There is a golf course, 15 baseball diamonds, and numerous other sporting areas. It has public beaches and boating facilities, making it the perfect gathering place for men and women, and the young and old alike. Plus, it is home to a free zoo, the oldest in the nation in fact, which many people visit every day. You will also find North Pond here, which is a beautiful conservatory. Additionally, during the summer, many outdoor events are held here.

Then, there is Wrigleyville, between West Addison and North Clark streets and around Wrigley Field. Once upon a time, this was a neighborhood for the working class, and this is still evident in its many Irish pubs. Uniquely, you can sit on the rooftop of many of the buildings and watch the Chicago Cubs without getting charged for it! This is area is generally referred to as the “Wrigley Rooftops”. Around Wrigley Stadium, you will also find Lakeview East, which is a vibrant LGBTQ+ community.

You have probably heard of the Magnificent Mile, which many people mention whenever they talk about Chicago. What they are talking about is the mile on Michigan Avenue that runs between the Chicago River and Oak Street. The Magnificent Mile is the main thoroughfare between the Gold Coast to the north and the Loop business district. If you are visiting Chicago, this is the perfect place to go for dining and shopping, and it is also home to some fantastic hotels. A lot of people feel that the Magnificent Mile is the heart of Chicago, so it is also popular with tourists.

Last but not least, Haris Ahmed wants to point out the Gold Coast, one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods. This is where you will find Lake Shore Drive, with its luxury high rise apartments, and the unique gray stone buildings. If you have a limitless credit card, then the top designed stores and upscale boutiques here are not to be missed.

Clearly, Chicago is a fascinating city that can appeal to anybody. For Haris Ahmed, it is also home and he hopes more people will be able to call it that.