Mythbusting – Bespoke Suit Shopping

Bespoke Suit Shopping  is easier than it looks
Photo by CC user Orbitburco12 on Wikimedia Commons

Nowadays, the perception of owning a bespoke (or “custom made”) tailored suit is still quite far-fetched or unimaginable to some men in society. Many men tend to think that you either have to be a corporate lawyer or celebrity to own such attire. This simply isn’t true! In this piece we take aim at and endeavour to debunk some of the myths surrounding buying bespoke suits.

1 – Inconvenience

Now this is one myth that I never really understood. I simply fail to see what is so incredibly inconvenient about going to one place (opposed to five) to find the perfect fitting suit. Additionally, you most likely will not find the right fitting suit for your body type by buying “off the rack”, no matter how hard you look and how many places you visit.

2 – The Quality Is Similar

No, it truly isn’t. Sure the quality of the actual fabric might be great, but the production process couldn’t be more different. “Off the rack” suits are made by machines, on an assembly line. Custom made bespoke suits are hand-made, ensuring the ultimate level of quality every step of the way to the suit’s completion. You cannot beat the undivided attention of an actual real person when it comes to buying your very own bespoke suit.

3 – Off The Rack Fits Okay

Until you actually buy a custom fitted bespoke suit, if the tailor is a good tailor, the term ‘fits okay’ is just not acceptable – only the best fit possible is acceptable, therefore you will always receive a premium product in the end. Custom tailored suits are particular to the exact contours of your body, accentuating your best features and often masking your worst. Bespoke suit making is practically an art form.

4 – They Cost Too Much

The demand for looking good these days is higher than ever. Therefore, the demand for a high quality custom made bespoke suit is also high, making this market more competitive and also more price sensitive. Good tailors will charge more than an “off the rack item”, but that’s to be expected. You would be surprised at the marginal difference these days, especially when you look at the whole picture. It is convenient due to less travelling, the suits often lasting longer because they are made better and of higher quality, and you can get your tailor to replicate some of the latest fashion trends for a fraction of the price. This is particularly true for designer suits.