What Can I Do with a Doctorate in Education?


Education doctors will be asked to fill higher level administrative positions in various school districts. Most of the time, to fill positions at secondary or elementary level, you will at least need a master’s in education leadership or a master’s in education administration. However, to fill positions at the postgraduate level, you will usually need to have a doctorate. If you want to further your knowledge of the administrative processes, get involved in and understand policy making, or simply want to stand out from the rest in the marketplace, getting a higher education leadership degree is a good idea. Here are three great jobs you can get with this degree.

School Principal

If you have an interest in working at elementary, secondary or middle school level, then you should definitely consider working as a school principal. A good principal will need to have people and communication skills, patience, and natural leadership qualities. You’ll also have to work in conjunction with other teachers to make sure that the quality of their service is up to par and that students are performing to their full potential.

As a principal, you will also be asked to hire new teachers, observe and evaluate their work, establish quotas and objectives for your school and prepare budget reports. You will also be asked to work with other school administrators in your district.


While a doctorate in education will prepare you for a job as a superintendent, most job seekers will be asked to work as a principal first and work their way up to the position. Superintendents will be responsible for the schools in their jurisdiction and the number of schools might depend on your district. You will be in charge of calculating finances, conducting school elections and managing payroll and expenditures. You might also be asked to run school programs and technology services.

College Provost

If you decide to go for a doctorate in higher education online, then you could decide to apply for many jobs at postgraduate level. A college provost will be responsible for organizing budgets for the school, appointing faculty members, creating academic programs and affecting policy. Also, you will be asked to look over upper level staff and college presidents. The goal of a college provost is ultimately to maintain the school’s standards and long term goals.

The job prospects for doctors in education leadership are very good with prestigious online universities such as Maryville University offering a great online doctor of education. Online EDD programs are also very well regarded by a wide variety of institutions. The salaries for doctors of higher education are very good, with students standing to earn about $89,540 as a school principal and $88,390 per year as a college provost.

So if you feel you have the skills necessary to be a school administrator, you should definitely consider getting a doctorate in higher education, as it is a very fulfilling career choice with tons of job prospects at the moment. Furthermore, it will be a chance to create changes in your community.