The Best Back-To-School Essentials For Dorm Life

As sad as it may be for many of you, the return to college life is just around the corner and now is the time that you need to start getting yourself prepared for the new year. We still have a little bit of time of course, which gives you more than enough opportunities to get prepared, and buy your back to school stuff now. If you are moving into a new dorm then this is even more important so we have out together a quick list of essentials which you will need for your college days.


Coat-hangers are one of those items which you know you need but always forget, well not any more as you have now been forewarned. There are few things worse than arriving at your dorm, only to find zero hangers in the closet, and nowhere to put your clothes, plan ahead and get them now.

Duvet Set

Do not forget to take a fresh and clean duvet set with you back to uni, as well as plenty of sheets and pillow covers. Students may have a reputation of being somewhat dirty but we know this isn’t always the case, and even the least hygienic of students wants to sleep in a comfortable and fresh smelling bed.

Phone Kit

Your phone is going to be an extension of your hand during your college years, using them to take notes, swap numbers, stay close to social media and of course, listening to music and watching videos. To ensure that your phone is fit for purpose make sure that you get yourself a good charger, a portable speaker and a new phone skin to show a bit of your character, dbrand has the best skins for such an event. Sure you can buy this stuff at any time, but getting it now means that you will be fully prepared and can focus on better things once you arrive.

Desk Lamp

Dorm rooms are pretty primitive so you will likely only be given a bed frame and an old mattress, plus a wooden desk. The desk will be useful but burning the midnight oil to study, as many students do, will be difficult without a small desk lamp, so make sure that it is on your list of items to purchase.

Fairy Lights

Decor is not something which you will expect in a  dorm room so why not pick up some fairy lights before you go, which are enough to brighten up just about any room, no matter how dull.

Blue Tack

You will be amazed at the uses that you find for blue tack during your dorm days, ideal for putting things on the wall, repairing items and storing pencils, whatever the job, Blue Tack is likely to be able to fix it.

Ear Plugs

If you have an early class in the morning it is unlikely the other students in your dorms will care, so a good pair of ear plugs will be the perfect way to block out the noise, and get some sleep.

Don’t forget to prepare before you go, to ensure maximum enjoyment when you arrive.