Pros and Cons of Staying in a Private Rental 

The private rental industry has gone crazy in terms of popularity in recent years thanks to the emergence of companies such as AirBnb. Personally speaking I have never enjoyed private rentals and whenever I travel, I will always favor a hotel. Last month for example I was in the Bicycle Casino Hotel in California, a fantastic hotel which treats its guests in a wonderful way, the hotel offers everything that I want too with great food, cool bars, plenty of live entertainment, not to mention the fact that it has one of the biggest casino floors in the country!

As I sat in the hotel, I was making some plans for my next trip and decided to have a look at private rentals, I decided against this in the end after making a list of pros and cons. I prefer hotels personally but if you’re interested in a private rental, here is what you should know.


There are many pros of staying in a vacation rental which is why they have become so popular, let’s take a look.

– If you are traveling in a big group then a private rental really makes a lot of sense, you won’t be forking out for multiple hotel rooms and the group can have plenty of privacy during their stay.

– Most vacation rentals have a certain personality and character to them that can really make you feel at home. Hotels can often be monotonous whereas vacation rentals always seem to have a certain quirkiness to them.

– You can cook for yourself which could save a great deal of money on eating out, the majority of vacation rentals have kitchen facilities.


It isn’t all sunshine and roses with vacation rentals and these negatives are what sways me more towards using a hotel than a private rental.

– The cost of vacation rentals is only cheaper if traveling in a group or for an extended period of time, hotels of the same quality will always come in cheaper.

– I love service and in a hotel that is exactly what you’ll get be it in the reception area, the restaurant or poolside. Vacation rentals may have someone to meet you to give you the key, but there is little service given after that.

– Cooking is not something that I want to do when I go on vacation and so a hotel just makes the most sense. The kitchen facilities are only a bonus if you actually want to use them, and most people don’t.

– When you go to vacation rental you have to entertain yourself, and head out to find something going on. With hotels, you will very often find that inside the hotel itself, there is more than enough going on of you to have a good time.

What are your feelings on hotels versus vacation rentals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below this post.