What Makes a Great Forklift Driver

Forklift trucks are one of the most important pieces of equipment in every warehouse around the world and without them our logistics and manufacturing sectors would operate at a far slower pace. The keys to ensuring that forklifts are as effective as possible are making sure that the machine is running at optimum performance, and that the person operating it knows exactly what they are doing. Failure to choose the right driver for a forklift can result in slower transportation and in some cases high levels of damage to stock and property. If you visit Mars Forklifts in Sydney then you will not only see some of the finest forklifts on the market, but also some men and women who know just how to operate these heavy goods machines. After speaking with the team there, here are our thoughts on what makes the perfect forklift driver.


To operate a forklift truck you need to have a lot of patience when maneuvering and when lifting loads. These machines are steered at the rear and they can often have an imbalance in terms of weight distribution when not operated correctly, leading to potentially dangerous consequences. The best forklift truck drivers are patient and ensure that everything is secure prior to moving. If any part of operating this machine is rushed, it could spell danger.

Communication Skills

Forklift drivers almost always work with other colleagues when loading and securing cargo and this is why their ability to communicate clearly is so important. Using their knowledge of their machine they can direct others to ensure maximum security and that the conditions are perfect for the operation. Failure to communicate well can often be the source of accidents in the workplace involving forklift trucks.

Attention to Detail

There are many safety checks which must be carried out when using a forklift truck and these cannot be skirted over. A great forklift driver will be attentive to detail and make sure that these checks are carried out diligently and accurately. Safety in the workplace in paramount where forklift trucks are involved and this is why the attention to the smallest of details is so important.

Dealing With Pressure 

There is a certain pressure which comes with transporting high value goods, and also with working in a fast-paced environment such as a busy warehouse or manufacturing plant. With this in mind then a great forklift driver is one who will not be unsettled by what is going on around them, or by the value of their load. The very best forklift drivers are those who trust in their abilities and their attention to safety, and can carry out their work regardless of what is happening outside the truck.

Organization Skills

There is a certain amount of organization which a forklift truck driver needs in order to be effective in their work. They must know where the load is to be taken from and to, and they must be able to deal with other duties beyond the truck, such as shipping, handling and receiving.

If you need a forklift truck driver for your business then these are the qualities which you should be looking for.