The Small Business Online Marketing Tools Set

Operations, sales, and marketing form the heart of a small business. These three areas are critical for ensuring that the company operates efficiently and effectively.

Operations should be focused on in a manner that creates a team of employees who are constantly looking for ways to improve the business. This group must be passionate and dedicated to winning for the company and always prepared to go the extra mile.

Sales is the part of the company most directly related to its bottom line. In today’s complicated business environment sales departments must be sophisticated and forward-thinking. They must realize that even if their sales strategies are working today, there is a good chance that tomorrow they will need to implement new and more effective ones. They must also be adept at using the best and latest sales tools.

Marketing is how the company positions its brand, products and services to existing and potential customers. Only 20 years ago marketing consisted of a mix of traditional outlets including television, radio, billboards, and events. Many of these marketing channels are still viable however the majority have been eclipsed by online digital marketing strategies.

Smart companies today master these online marketing strategies and use them to benefit their companies on a daily basis. Here are some of the online marketing tools that have proven to be very effective for small companies and that every small company should implement.

Enterprise SEO

One of the greatest challenges for small companies is to get noticed by potential customers. Today small companies can go global quickly and find themselves competing with a wide range of company types in far-flung places around the world. What makes this all possible is the internet and its reach and power. Small companies utilize the internet to market themselves to waiting audiences. However since there are so many companies now competing in so many markets, small companies need to come up with effective ways to get themselves in front of potential customers. In terms of online, the most popular way for customers to search for products and services is via search engines like Google. For a small company, their agenda needs to be getting their online web pages as high up on an internet search as possible.

The strategy used to accomplish this is called search engine optimization or SEO. Companies can hire effective SEO firms to provide Enterprise SEO services that will help them land their web pages at the top of a Google search. When this is accomplished, the company will see more traffic that can then be converted two customers.


Webinars present a unique opportunity for small companies to speak directly to potential customers about their products, services, and subjects that are important and relevant. Not enough small companies consider using webinars, and as a result they miss out on a great opportunity to have direct long-form contact with those were interested in their products and services.

Companies schedule regular webinars around relevant subject matters and invite via email potential customers. The webinar should also include a section where the company answers questions from those viewing the webinar. When done properly the webinar provides potential customers with Vital Information that they will use to determine a purchase.

Mobile Marketing

The majority of people spend hours each day on their mobile phones this critical Internet connected device has become a venue for entertainment, communication and marketing. Smart Companies need to develop a separate mobile strategy for their products and services. This demands that they create marketing tools and presentations bat take into account the look, feel, and functionality of smartphones. Mobile marketing is the fastest growing area of marketing, therefore small businesses have a great opportunity to grow their bottom lines utilizing mobile marketing.

Small businesses need to be aggressive and fast-moving in terms of utilizing the hottest marketing tools and strategies.