Are You a Good Candidate for Reconstructive Breast Surgery?

Reconstructive breast surgery is typically offered to women who have had a mastectomy following breast cancer. Thanks for these procedures, women have been able to rebuild their self-esteem and identity by retaining or regaining and natural shape period two types of breast reconstruction surgery exist after mastectomy, being implants and flap reconstruction period both of these procedures come with their own pros and cons and most women rule find that one of them is more suitable to them to than the other.

Understanding Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Reconstructive breast surgery aims to rebuild a woman’s chest so that it looks as it did before. It is even possible to have a nipple if this have to be removed during mastectomy. For women, this type of procedure is an opportunity to feel whole Again. The procedure is not always necessary, particularly in women who have only had a lumpectomy and most of their breast tissue has remained intact. However, many women still choose to have it because there breast often looks malformed after a lumpectomy. There are no rights or wrongs in this, as it is a woman’s personal choice.

A complete mastectomy is still very common in a woman who has breast cancer. If this is the procedure a woman have to go through, she will also be offered breast reconstruction surgery. Sometimes comma if she does not need radiotherapy afterwards, the reconstruction can be done at the same time as the mastectomy itself. This is why it is important that a woman learns about the different options before having the mastectomy, so that she can make the right decision straight away.


The first option is to have implants. Usually, these are constructed out of a silicone gel or are filled with saline. The biggest disadvantage of implants is that they do not usually last forever. This means that the implant will have to be replaced sooner or later. In some cases, it may also be required to have an MRI every few years to see the development of the implant.

Tissue Flap

The other option is the tissue flap. This means that tissue is removed from their back or stomach to create a new breast. The two most commonly used procedures are the latissimus dorsi flap and the TRAM flap.One of the biggest downsides of this procedure is that women often end up with much smaller breasts than before and I may be some scar tissue on the area where tooth was removed.

A woman should be giving excellent advice on the pros and cons of the different breast reconstruction surgery options that are available to her and she should be empowered to make a decision for herself as to whether or not she wants to have surgery at all. Some women embrace they’re real bodies and do not feel they need to have breasts anymore, particularly since this is where the cancer developed in the first place. It is absolutely essential that surgeons and oncology specialists are fully supportive of this.