Sand and Soil: Benefits of Top Dressing Your lawn

There are many Benefits of Top Dressing Your lawn
Photo by CC user MichaelPloujnikov on Wikimedia Commons

Quality sand and soil is the foundation of top dressing your lawn when it’s in need of some tender loving care. Whether your lawn requires some holes to be filled or evened out, or a boost in nutrients to help it grow better, quality sand and soil is the essential ingredient.

For Nutrient Boosting

To boost your lawns nutrient intake usually requires applying a thinner layer of quality soil over your lawns affected areas. Top dressing with good soil helps boost natural nutrients, minerals, which assist in rejuvenating overall health of your lawn, promoting a consistent and thicker growth. It also helps with reducing the growth of moss and other weeds that may infest your lawn.

For Better Drainage and Moisture Retention

Top dressing the lawn on your property will also improve drainage by allowing the soil to exchange certain gases with the atmosphere in a more effectively, which then promotes development of micro-flora and micro-fauna, allowing better breakdown of thatch and grass clippings.

Top dressing also helps to retain moisture, which is perfect for those affected by dryer or drought prone geo locations.

For Evening Out

If your lawn is uneven, you can apply top dressing of up to around 12mm thick. For areas that dip slightly more than others, apply one 12mm layer, and once settled, add another layer on top of this. To even out your lawn, scatter even piles of sand around your lawn and then level them all out with a rake accordingly.

For Repairing Holes

Repairing holes requires a slightly different approach. For holes that are deeper than 5 cm, be sure to use a shovel, and then raise the grass accordingly to sit on top of the hole. Then, place sand and soil underneath to lift it to the same height of the lawn. After this, apply more top dressing for any other areas that are uneven using the same instructions as above.