College Questions: 5 Questions to Consider Before Dropping Out of College

College isn’t for everyone. While you may have thought it was the way to go when you graduated high school, it could be that higher education isn’t for you. Should you drop out? What happens if you do? What will your family think? 

You probably have a lot of questions you need answers to before making such a big life decision. Please know that you’re not alone. People drop out of college for all sorts of reasons and do just fine (Bill Gates, for example). But before you make a decision that’s sure to affect your future, consider these questions carefully:

1. Why Am I Thinking of Dropping Out of College?

Are you struggling to get good grades? If so, maybe you could try online tutoring first to see if that helps improve your comprehension and raise your grades. 

Is it just too expensive and you’re having trouble affording it? Maybe you could get a part-time job or go online and apply for grants and scholarships to help defray the cost. If you truly want to stay in school but find yourself struggling in one way or another, it’s better to seek a solution that will allow you to stay in school.

2. Is It Bad to Drop Out of College?

Depending on the reason you’re dropping out, leaving college isn’t always a bad thing. If, for example, you have a plan to follow your dreams, dropping out may be the right decision. If you don’t have a plan, however, you may be limiting yourself and your options by foregoing a college education. Regardless of the reason you want to drop out, you’ll need to be prepared for the consequences of doing so.

3. If I Drop Out, Can I Go Back Later?

The short answer is yes. With that said, not all colleges are the same. For instance, some colleges allow dropouts to come back, no questions asked. You might not even have to reapply, and there may be an academic forgiveness option to wipe out any bad grades you received the first time around. 

On the other hand, some colleges make you go through the entire application and enrollment process again, and you might have to answer for the bad grades you got in your previous stint. If you want to drop out, talk with a school counselor to find out what your options are should you decide to return in the future.

4. What Will Everyone Think?

This consideration is what makes dropping out of college so scary for most people. What will everyone think if I drop out? The truth is it doesn’t matter. Whether you go to college, don’t go to college, or drop out at some point, it’s a personal decision. No one has to live with it besides you. This means you must do what’s right for you. If you make a mistake, once again, you are the one who must fix it.

5. Will I Be Able to Find a Good Job?

Of course! However, it might not be as easy as it would have been had you had a college degree to back you up. Just because you drop out doesn’t mean you’re destined to flip burgers for the rest of your life. You just might need to be a little more creative in your pursuits. 

Dropping out of college isn’t an easy decision to make, but it’s also true that higher education isn’t for everyone. If you’re thinking of leaving college behind, be sure to consider the questions above first.