How to Record a Google Hangouts Video Call

Google Hangouts is a popular platform for video calls, and loads of people use it to keep in touch with their friends and family – or even hold important business meetings and conversations. However as much as it has lots of features, there is one that it doesn’t have: A way to record video calls.

For business users that use Google Hangouts as part of the G Suite’s Enterprise edition there is an option to record meetings via the platform. However most regular users don’t have that option available to them – and need to look at alternatives.

Using the ‘Hangouts on Air’ Method

In the past Google+ had a feature known as Hangouts on Air that allowed users to host a hangout, stream it live on YouTube, and publish the video on their channel. However what is more important is that once the video has been posted – you can download it as an MP4 video file.

While that feature is no longer part of Google+, it has now been rolled into YouTube Live.

To use it you’ll need to head over to the Live Streaming Events section of the Creator Studio on YouTube and first enable live streaming. Once you do you can start a ‘New live event’, and select the ‘Quick (using Google Hangouts on Air) option.

Once you start the broadcast you’ll essentially be using Google Hangouts to host a video call that you can invite people into. After you’re done you will be able to view the video on YouTube and download it.

It should be noted that this method is not foolproof and you’ll be subject to YouTube’s restrictions – most notably the 15 minute video duration restriction for new accounts. On top of that it can take time for the video to be processed and added to YouTube.

Using a Screen Recorder

Instead of going through the rigmarole of Hangouts on Air, and easier option to record Google Hangout video is to use a screen recorder. For example you could use Movavi Screen Recorder to do the job.

All you need to do in this case is set up your screen recorder to record the video call directly from your screen – along with both the system audio and audio from your microphone. Once the recording is complete you can save it immediately and have access to your recording.

Overall using a screen recorder should be less time consuming and complicated than attempting to use Hangouts on Air. On top of that it also has no restrictions to speak of, and you can save video calls of any duration using it.

At the end of the day it is up to you which option you prefer to use. The main benefit of the Hangouts on Air method is the fact that it allows you to livestream your video call session – which may be what you want. If it isn’t however, the screen recorder option is definitely the easier solution to use.