How to Improve the Value of your Home

Not everyone is set and ready to live in one house for the rest of their lives, a lot of people buy houses to get on the property ladder and see it as a stepping stone to make profit to move on to bigger and better ventures.  Making profit on a home is not easy and will take a lot of hard work to get the value increased to a substantial level.  If you are a first time owner and are looking for a place to start I have included some tips below to increase profits when you get around to selling.

Being Prepared

It is going to take a lot of planning to improve your home to the level you want it to be at,  I would start be creating a list of what you want to improve.  Try to make the list in order of priority, start with what you want to change first and move on down your checklist.  It is always helpful to include quotations and prices of how much the improvements are going to cost you before going ahead also, this will allow you to get an idea on whether the improvements are cost effective.  Being prepared in the conventional sense is important but you also need to be prepared mentally.  Let’s face it unless you have a shed load of money or fancy applying for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition it is going to be a lengthy process.  Don’t get frustrated if things aren’t moving as fast as you would like, it is hard to put a timescale on these types of things and it will not happen overnight. 


A lot of houses, especially the ones one the older side come with a handful of problems that need resolving.  Before thinking about the interior designs and possible extensions on the property, it is really important to take care of these issues first.  For example if your house suffers from patches of damp or cracking walls/ ceilings, you will tend to find that these are the jobs that are going to come at a hefty price.  Take these issues out of the equation as early as you can and this will give you the grounds to start improving.  If you do not do this it, your ideas could quite literally come crashing to the ground.  Eliminate the problems before they eliminate your project.

Replacing Windows

Not the most glamorous of changes to make to your house, however making sure you have the best quality double or triple glazed windows is a must.  Not only do they give the house a newer/finished look but as a potential buyer nobody wants windows that are going to let in a lot of draft or noise.  You can easily get quotations for replacing single glazed or beyond repair windows online.  I recently got my windows replaced by a company local to me called CBI Tulsa and not only do the windows give my house a nice finish, they are actually saving me money.

Get Help

Finally, never forget that you don’t have to do everything by yourself.  It could be a company that you can hire to take the pressure off or getting a favour returned from a friend.  Putting all of the pressure on yourself will burn you out and you will lose motivation.  You are not in it alone!