4 Reasons Why It Is Important to Use a UK Transcription Service

Using a UK transcription service often ensures top quality work

Take a quick look at the results of an internet search into “transcription company” and you will probably be astounded at how many providers there are out there. You may be tempted to click on the link at the top or look a bit further and choose the company with the lowest price – no matter where they are. But think more carefully – transcription is not something you can do by halves. Pay a little and you get a little, particularly if you do not use a UK-based company. Here’s why a UK transcription service is the best choice for your transcription needs.

1. Proper Project Management

Many transcription services companies are run from overseas, on a cheap volume basis. They may be combined with other services like virtual assistants or office management tasks. But when you want transcription services you need to know you are going to get proper project management. You don’t just want a transcript – you want your transcript to be on time, accurate, and fit for purpose. Many UK transcription companies offer the full project management package. You consult about your transcription needs and you get the manuscripts you can use for the project you want to complete.

2. You Choose Quality and Not Just Price

Obviously everyone wants the job done at a cheap price. Look online for overseas transcription companies that claim to offer transcripts at a price that seems too good to be true and you won’t necessarily receive anything like what you need in return. When you pick a UK transcription company you are more likely to get a quality job done, and not just a cheap one.

3. You Opt for Research and Proofreading

When you go for a service that has a very low rate you can be sure there will be no initial research carried out, and that the transcript will not be proofread accurately. When transcribers are paid a very low sum, they simply do not have the time to research technical content or even check spellings of people’s names. They will not be being paid to proofread their work.

4. You Get Efficient Customer Service

It is not helpful when you want to speak to someone about your project and the only number to call is an overseas number that costs you so much you can only speak for a minute. Or worse still, no number at all. If you are based in the UK, a UK telephone number is perfect for when you want to discuss an issue or make a clarification. It is much simpler than waiting for a reply to an email from another time zone.

Image: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net