Career Options for Graduates of Public Administration 

Many degrees sound appealing or exciting but then upon graduation leave you with nothing. There either aren’t many options or there are 100’s of people applying for each job. An online masters in public administration is a rewarding choice that can help you to develop a huge range of skills. These include organization, communication, management, data gathering, analytical thinking and analysis of policy, strategic planning, decision making, and much more. This huge range of skills and knowledge means that upon graduating from an online MPA degree you will be ready to take on many different careers.



A public administration degree will give you knowledge of policy and government systems, but also advanced organizational skills which could make you an ideal candidate for a role in government. You could oversee a government agency, work in research, public policy, budget management, city management, urban planning or public affairs and communications.

Social Work

A master’s in public administration would also be useful if you are a compassionate person who would like to work helping people in need. The skills you develop could help you lead a social welfare team. Groups that can benefit from the help of a social worker include the poor, the elderly, abuse victims, drug and alcohol addicts, and reformed offenders. Social workers are in high demand so your skills could be highly valued in this field.


If you wanted to pursue a career in the military the leadership and organizational skills you develop while studying a public administration degree could be exceptionally useful. Other skills you’ll find useful whether working at home or abroad include communication, resource management, community engagement, and professionalism.


Your degree could help you become a manager in a variety of different sectors. Your skills would equip you to manage anything from a small shop to a national company.


Many MPA graduates go on to work with or manage a non-profit organization, using their skills to lead teams, organize research and finances, and set policy. You could not only help people but make important changes for the future in this role.


You could work as a consultant for the government, non-profit businesses or new start-ups, helping to go over their policies and practices, spotting problems, finding solutions and offering advice to help them be successful. This job appeals to many as it allows you to work with a variety of different companies learning, making connections, and developing new skills along the way. There would also be the option to work freelance allowing